Prabhjyot singh: “After Udta Punjab, I can say that this is the project that holds a very special place in my heart”

Although after playing so many different and unique characters in the past and upcoming movies this one holds special place in heart of actor Prabhjyot and shares inside details about his recent movie, Atithi bhooto bhava which is currently streaming on Zee5.

Prabhjyot shares interesting details about working with the wonderful cast and crew in Atithi bhooto bhava. “I’m portraying a character who is incredibly lovable. In the movie, my grandfather (Pratik Gandhi) and I had a very close relationship”. Prabhjyot singh talks about how genuine love becomes naïve sometimes and portraying these one is so powerful on screen.

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“I’m playing a very cute innocent character being involved in a love story. It is a romantic comedy film in a very interesting manner. I am eagerly waiting to show this project to you all”. Love stories content won’t go in manner of love that has been started to fading while time passes by which reach out to its audience in a beautiful way possible and a must watch for all types of audience.

 My portion of the story is based in past. The strength of my love for Manju was such that it lasted even after I passed away, proving that it is indeed pure love. This is depicted in the movie. I won’t go into great detail about the plot because you can see the movie and learn all about it. Innocence in the character which is portrayed in the artistic way possible shows how it impacts on viewers for good.

Atithi bhooto bhava is definitely a worth a watch for the target audience who crave for the content like this and the format and language of the movie shows and does the justice for the people who worked on this one and for the audience.

Prabhjyot Singh: “I also really loved the name of my character; it just felt right to be called “Maakhan.” Although I’ve played several characters, this one is very dear to my heart. After Udta Punjab, I can say that this is the project that holds a very special place in my heart”.