Prashant Sharma: The man who has been acing multiple fields

It is a common misconception that startups consist of only four to five employees and have a high tolerance for turmoil, however, even a five-year-old business can be thought of as a startup. A startup can grow into a bigger business by getting investments, expanding to more locations, etcetera. Startups are subject to risk, probably more so than one would think, which is a scary truth. Still, 10% of startups succeed each year and understand what it takes to beat the odds of failing with their intelligence. One such person who has not made his idea turn into reality with his venture but has also assisted various startups is Prashant Sharma.

Who is Prashant Sharma?

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Entrepreneur Prashant Sharma who now has experience of more than 16 years once worked for several companies, to help them succeed. He held a number of executive positions with many multinational companies. However, Prashant realised his true calling and started his own venture. Soon enough he became the Co-Founder of several businesses. There, he exhibited effective client connections, business growth, marketing techniques, and a lot of other things.

The business leader is accomplished and has a wealth of expertise in joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, startups and turnarounds, and international business development. With his expertise, Prashant Sharma has even assisted numerous other entrepreneurs by giving them the right advice. Additionally, he has always been able to concentrate on people’s talents and bring out the best in them.

Other talents of the virtuoso

Prashant Sharma is a man full of surprises. His talent is not limited to just being a talent field expert, a successful entrepreneur and a witty mentor. Rather he is also a writer, an investor and a philanthropist. With his exceptional command over language, he writes various writeups that are insightful and easy to understand. Talking about his philanthropic nature, well, Prashant is a firm believer in returning it back. Thus, he gives his best to make this world a better place by helping those in need. In addition to all this, Prashant is also an angel investor who has helped a significant amount of startups, ventures and people to grow. Prashant Sharma embarked on his journey through a trading business and soon he expanded his horizons in various sectors. He succeeded because of his passion, ingenuity, readiness to improvise and ability to listen to others to take constructive criticism, as well as their fierce to achieve success. Prashant is determined to mark an even stronger impact across different industries and all over the globe. For this, he is all set to walk on the path of hard work and persistence.