Prerana believes it’s her duty to enhance Bride’s beauty on her wedding day by his make-up skills

Why is Prerana Bhatnagar the best bridal makeup artist in the industry??

Prerana Bhatnagar is a one of the leading professional bridal makeup artists from Delhi.

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She is 23 year old & one of the big makeup artists in Delhi who had experience of more than 3 years in industry but the journey was not easy for her to reach this level.

Prerana used to work in a 9 to 5 IT job but from the beginning she was never interested in doing this because she wanted to do something creative in her life. Then she came up with the idea of becoming a makeup artist. 

But unfortunately as soon as she started working as a make-up artist she met with an accident and things changed for her overnight not in terms of her career but from a health point of view but she didn’t drop the idea of becoming a make-up artist, in between she also did modeling.

Now Prerana had Total 3 years, in 3 years she did make up for many celebrities & over 50+ brides. To frustrate in IT job as a professional makeup artist she did amazing work behind all these achievements she gave credit to her mom. Moreover her mantra is to inspire herself on a daily basis so she can never feel unconfident.

She wants to be counted as the best makeup artist in the market for this she believes in exploring each and every opportunity that she gets in her way. She did make-up for over 50+ brides this made her better in bridal makeup. 

The reason she is very good at bridal makeup is that she doesn’t take makeup as a job, she takes it as a personal thing. Bride is already beautiful on her own terms but Prerana wants to enhance the bride’s beauty by her magic makeup skills 

The reason behind her amazing make-up is her way of doing & understanding the needs of her clients. She tries to understand the bride’s personality, not just her physical face features & she also connects with the bride in a friendly way to understand need and how she wants to look. She also advises the bride to choose a makeup artist which you think you feel more connected to.

In any industry or work customers satisfaction & happiness is ultimate success.  Prerana is satisfied and her clients are satisfied so far. And she tries her best to increase the satisfaction & happiness base of her lovely brides by seeing her after make-up face.