Presenting Your Products the Smart Way. Product Shoots at a Price Never Seen Before!

The Portrait Store is a Pune based start-up providing photography services to other local start-ups.
Its goal is to provide high quality product shoots to the clients at very affordable rates. One of the special offerings of The Portrait Store is that here, clients get a free trial of their own product at the very same moment. If they like the picture, they pay for it, but if they don’t, there is no need to pay!

It offers one picture for 250/- only, with no minimum number of shots. The price is inclusive of post-production editing. The client will get the product images within 20 – 30 mins after the shoot.  No more editing will be required. The product photos will be e-commerce and print ready.

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The photography industry has evolved from a craft-based industry to business-driven industry. The Portrait Store believes that photography offers an excellent way to present a product or oneself as it captures the personality or an image, one wishes to project. The Portrait Store studio has an in-house photographer and it provides with latest equipment and modern facilities. The studio notes that the quality of a photograph depends completely on the skill sets of the photographer. Hence the clients have an option to check first picture of the shoot and then decide if they want to go ahead with the shoot. If one wishes to discontinue with the shoot, a refreshing cup of lemon tea is on the house.

Additional services one can avail are bulk product shoots and portfolio shoots. One can get their products shot in bulk under the Combo Section for 200/- per shot. The photos will be edited and e-commerce and print ready. The entertainment industry is driven by images and images can be of different kinds. For the entertainment industry, the portraits and headshots play a crucial role. Budding artists, like actors, models etc. can get their portfolios shot or get their portfolio updated for cost as low as 1499/- per individual. These portrait pictures can be used by them to submit while auditioning for jobs in the entertainment and media industry and also, upload them on social networking platforms. 

The first thing a potential employer or a customer sees is, ‘The Look’. Even before they say a word, the eyes have picked out the shape of the product, its features, the colours, etc. and they remember the product by these attributes. Making a good first impression is vital, whether working in corporate world or entertainment industry. Through good images, convey the qualities, attributes and personality of the product. Make your product stand out with an image that is unique, memorable and distinctive.

With The Portrait Store, put your best foot forward. With just 250/- per shot and no minimum number of shots, you can now book your session on . Give a call or shoot a WhatsApp message on +91-98 60 63 6666.