Priyanka Dutta launched her debut poetry book “From Woman to WOWman”

A woman is capable of playing multiple roles and their capability is on the rise be it in the household, in the job sector, in the space or in the economy, but are they treated well? India is developing statistically undoubtedly but is this making a progressive move towards the treatment of a girl in the society? Indeed it is a big question! Debut Poet Priyanka Dutta launched her debut Poetry book “From Woman to WOWman” that revolves around the circumstances of societal taboos for girls.

“From Woman to WOWman” is a book of 50 poems written completely on woman that echoes the struggles, turns and toils in life of women and the need for them to be strong to fight all odds and live their life to the fullest. The book comprises of poems around a girl child’s birth, her periods, her getting sold in name of marriage to rich people, acid attack, rape, betrayal in love and relation, burden of societal taboos and everything that makes a woman suppressed.

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Indeed, a woman’s wish and desires are to some extent either strangled or never asked about. But it’s time to change our perspective now. All the circumstances around a women’s life are integrated in the form of 50 poems in the book “From Woman to WOWman” to reach the different aspects of a woman’s life which is explained in lucid words so that every woman out there can resonate and instill a faith to live a life of her own. Each poem strongly echoes the vibration of a woman’ feelings and her desires behind her existence.

About the Author

Priyanka Dutta is a 27 year old English teacher by profession in Burdwan Carmel High School from Burdwan, West Bengal. She is passionate towards writing her heart that give solace in her scribbles. For her, poetry makes no difference than a deep sleep. Besides writing poetry she is passionate towards teaching the new generation in a unique way. She is a post graduate in English literature from the University of Calcutta with an excellent academic background. She had faced all odds in her personal life but had left no stone unturned to evolve stronger and fiercer. She is a woman of rooted ethics carrying an untamed spirit; she is equally a charming personality who knows the importance of love and kindness. She stepped into the literary world with her debut book “From Woman to WOWman” with the reflection of her firm belief that when one woman speaks for herself, she speaks for all the woman out there.

The Author shares her journey in a crux “I am born and brought up in a humble middle class family where being the only girl child my journey was quite tough. I was always looked as a damsel by other family members whose only target in life was to get me married to a person and settle in chores. But My Father had a different vision for me. He considered me no less than a son and thus he spared no effort to provide me highest education with all liberty. When all was good in the hood at some point in life I was forced to get married because my society couldn’t bare me touching the sky and so millions of eyes were on me to topple me down. In the meantime I had a massive heartbreak in love. The betrayal made me more violent and all I knew was only my knowledge won’t leave me in life. But, destiny had something else in store for me. My marriage was fixed and I said yes as I was broken but who knew it would turn out to be my turning point in life. I am immensely blessed with a best friend as my husband who always encourages me to be my own self. I am pursuing my dream as a teacher, whenever I feel low, broken, and happy or in solace- I scribble. In April 2021 a publisher encountered my work and gave me an offer to publish my book. I feel this is one of my biggest achievements as I never thought I could pen down a book but yes my readers had showered me with much love that was beyond expectations. I believe if a small town girl like me can dream to speak out to the universe after many rejections, obligations, social taboos and the world in return accept that and glorify that, then all women can dream to have better life”

The book is a must read for all the women and men. The author has very beautifully crafted about the pain and struggle a woman goes through at each and every step of her life and the obstacles around it that literally shifts the focus from the real potentials along with the voice that contributes to rise above all odds. The book is available on Amazon in Kindle and Paperback version, Flipkart and Google Play store as well.

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