Pukhraj Singh from Chandigarh Becomes a Proud Finalist of the Biggest Pageant for Teens: Alee Club 25th Miss & Mr Teen India 2023

Pukhraj Singh, an exceptionally talented 18-year-old boy hailing from Chandigarh and currently studying at B.N Senior Secondary School, has achieved a remarkable feat by securing his position among the esteemed finalists of the highly acclaimed Alee Club 25th Miss & Mr Teen India 2023. This prestigious pageant, recognized as the oldest, biggest, and the only Limca Book Record holder for teenage contests in India, is skillfully directed by the renowned show director, The Rampguru Sambita Bose.

The auditions for this star-studded mega pageant took place in 14 cities nationwide, witnessing an overwhelming response from young boys and girls between the ages of 13 to 19 years, all vying for the opportunity to participate in the silver jubilee edition of this esteemed competition. The Initial Screening Round took place in Chandigarh, where Pukhraj Singh emerged victorious, propelling him to the highly anticipated Semi-Final Round held on July 9, 2023, at Radisson Blu in Paschim Vihar, Delhi.

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The captivating Semi-Final Round of Alee Club Teen India 2023 featured a dazzling array of stars on the esteemed judging panel. Renowned Cinestar Varun Badola, acclaimed Rampguru Sambita Bose, celebrated MTV Super Model and Actors Swapna Priyadarsini, Stefy Patel, and Rohit Raghav had the challenging task of evaluating the exceptional talents on display. Varun Badola, a veteran actor, praised the unparalleled platform provided by Alee Club, emphasizing its instrumental role in shaping the careers of teenagers in India over the past 24 years, particularly in the fields of acting and modeling.

Pukhraj Singh from Chandigarh Becomes a Proud Finalist of the Biggest Pageant for Teens: Alee Club 25th Miss & Mr Teen India 2023

Following a thorough evaluation of talents from across the nation who participated in the Semi-Finale of Miss Teen India 2023 & Mr Teen India 2023, Pukhraj Singh has brought immense pride to his city and his parents by securing a coveted spot in the highly anticipated Grand Finale. The Grand Finale, scheduled for August, will witness the presence of the illustrious Mega Star Arbaaz Khan, alongside the esteemed Show Director Rampguru Sambita Bose and various other Bollywood celebrities.

To offer an exclusive glimpse into the journey of the contestants, the organizers have launched a captivating reality series that can be accessed for free on their official YouTube channel, “The Silver Screen.” Additionally, voting lines will open soon, providing an opportunity for the entire nation to vote for their favorite contestant, propelling them closer to victory in this prestigious and widely recognized pageant for teens in India.

To cast your vote and show support for the talented contestants, follow the official Teen India page on Instagram at www.instagram.com/teenindia.

About Alee Club Miss & Mr Teen India: Alee Club Miss & Mr Teen India stands as the leading pageant in India, boasting the distinction of being the oldest and biggest teenage pageant in the country. With a glorious 25-year history, this prestigious competition has provided an unmatched platform for young talents to showcase their IQ, personality, and charisma. Under the expert direction of The Rampguru Sambita Bose, Alee Club has nurtured numerous aspiring actors and models, serving as a launchpad for success in the entertainment industry.