Pune-based Interiors by Ashwiinii Dongare aka Smart Home Designs LLP – spearheading the interior design realm and advocating women empowerment!

Pune-based Ashwiinii Dongare always had an eye for aesthetics and thus, when she completed her graduation in 2015, she took up some projects in interior design through her proprietary firm. It was not long before she realised that she wanted to venture into this field full-time.

Therefore, with the help and support of her husband, Dr. Muskesh Bangar, Ashwiinii Dongare launched and registered Smart Home Designs LLP in August 2019. Smart Home Designs LLP, also known as Interiors by Ashwiinii Dongare is touted to be a one-stop platform for all things interior design related.

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Ashwiinii Dongare talks about the inception and early days of the firm and says, “In the early days of the company, Mukesh supported me in the office setup, employee hiring, and client visits. Without his keen support, I don’t think anything would have happened. I am extremely grateful for such a wonderful push at the beginning of my firm. It has provided a very strong base upon which I now function!”

Located and functioning in Pune, Smart Home designs LLP is leading the interior designing space headed by Ashwiinii Dongare and has a vast portfolio including but not limited to residential properties, turnkey project management services, and more.

<strong>Pune-based Interiors by Ashwiinii Dongare aka Smart Home Designs LLP - spearheading the interior design realm and advocating women empowerment!</strong>

Under the leadership of Ashwiinii Dongare, Smart Home designs LLP is able to conceptualise exceptional home designs while also laying extra attention on including strategic choices and sustainable resources. Throughout its process, Smart Home Designs LLP makes sure that it delivers work that is pleasing and aesthetic.

Smart Home Designs LLP has worked on various premium projects and has given many families their homes with their dream designs. 

Her pathbreaking designs and work have made Ashwiinii Donagre a social media favourite and has added more than 583k followers on Instagram where she regularly documents behind the scenes of a project, snippets of her finished projects, and glimpses of her life.

Additionally, she runs her own YouTube channel known as ‘Interiors by Ashwiinii Dongare’ where she highlights a detailed journey of her work to serve as inspiration to budding designers. Her YouTube channel has garnered lakhs of views and subscribers.

Smart Home Designs LLP is riding the wave of interior designs and is expanding at an exponential rate by ideating and making cost-effective, aesthetic designs that make a huge impact on customers.

Ashwiinii Dongare is an advocate of woman empowerment and believes that women should build their own businesses in a bid to make themselves independent and follow their passion. One can visit Smart Home Designs LLP and seek their innovative and creative home decor solutions at http://www.smarthomedesigns.in/