Puneet Jain, the Man behind Exploring and Promoting Businesses

Offline world is of diversity, variety and hidden gems. Be it cars, clothes accessories or anything that you want. Puneet Jain is the man behind exploring these businesses and bringing it to the light. Puneet has a YouTube channel where he shares the businesses that are offering quality and good products at affordable prices.

Puneet Jain is a Delhi based youtuber-cum-vlogger who started in 2017, where he shares markets that are providing services at low prices. In 2017 Puneet started Vlogging with a regular job, his job was on weekdays, and on weekend he would make videos. Puneet says, “I worked from Monday to Saturday, from 09:00 a.m. to 09:00 p.m. and repeat the routine it was only on Sunday that I was a vlogger and made videos.” Puneet was passionate about vlogging so he did it as a passion.

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During Sundays he would roam around the markets and shoot them, what they offer like motor cars, clothes, fancy dress, shoes, books etcetera. He would cover anything and everything. It was his video a year ago of Lucky Motors where he featured the place where second cars were available at affordable prices and from that point there was no turning back for Puneet. Thereafter, his channel grew and the views exploded. In one of his videos, he has over 6 million views and his channel has more than 1.3 million subscribers. On his channel total views are over one hundred million. He has been awarded with Golden and Silver play button by YouTube.

With his videos he has helped various peoples, students, designer, fashion freaks, tech geeks. His videos and properly analysed and non-filtered. Puneet brings videos that are authentic and with all the features and facilities that are offered by them. Now he is a full-time video creator who is known pan India for his “Dilliwale Vlogs” anyone who is looking for anything in Delhi at cheaper prices can get information via his video. After quitting his job, he now promotes businesses digitally and help them grow.

Lesser-known fact about Puneet is he started his channel with zero investment because he did not have money, from his Job he’d earn 10,000 monthly and would have any saving to invest in the channel. He recalls the support his friends provided and mentions Vansh Mahajan, a friend and a co-youtuber and Rahul, a friend and a colleague who stood by Puneet and guided him. He has gained a His viewers say,

“Thank you for bringing up this content.”

Another user commented,

“I have been following you since a long time, keep growing.”

The other user who has been noticing the quality says,

“You video quality have increased and is getting better.”

You can check Puneet Jain’s vlog on his YouTube channel and see what awesome content he produces, from a Sunday Vlogger to a full time Video Creator. If you want to support Puneet via sponsorship or you want Puneet to promote your business mail him at promote.pjv@gmail.com. He brings the best of best content to you, from mobile accessories, winter-summer wear opens for retailers, wholesaler and even the direct the consumer can be benefited from his videos. Puneet was asked to say something about his videos, he says, “I prefer bringing and creating, uploading vlogs without any edit and try to bring the real, original and new content for viewers.”

You can connect to Puneet and learn more about him on the following links:

Email: promote.pjv@gmail.com

Instagram: Puneet jain vlogs  

Facebook: Puneet Jain Vlogs | Facebook

YouTube: https://youtube.com/c/Puneetjainvlogs