Raghav Jain is founder of online PR & MEDIA Agency- Brand Box Digital Media, serving celebrities across globe, Abdu rozik, JustSul and many more

Raghav Jain is highly famous for his work ethics, blunt speaking and absolute knowledge on his digital marketing busines , he has immense knowledge on digital marketing and solid presence buildup for complete digital platform .

More than once being evaluated and asked in a subsequent authority interview by our confirmed sources concerning how he figured out how to be a ruler of such countless exchanges, Mr. Jain answered” I can’t sit inactive. I want to continue working, Either I am doing Stock market trading or helping my dad with his business. I live for my enthusiasm which is ” continuously working”.
Mr Jain has worked for more than 10000+ clients including Bollywood Celebrities Like abdu Rozik, Justsul world famous influencer , Sapna choudhary, Sonu sood, Dilar mehandi, Mika Singh, Dia mirza and alot more Gold producers, Diamond Merchants, Event organizers, top enormous business people, Hospitals, tuition based schools and different brands for development and improvement
Raghav’s aspiration has been all of the time to continually sharpen his abilities at making a feel, an encounter that leaves a permanent engraving on the psyche of the guest.
Regardless of whether it is making a vibe for projecting away the workplace blues, a party of companions long perplexed in the snare of family liabilities, or celebrating valuable time with your cherished in a rare wedding commemoration, Mixology Masters has the talent for sneaking up all of a sudden with the quality, innovativeness and newness of the beverage it serves. MM leave you feeling restored, re-lively and roused to walk the slight path of examples of overcoming adversity by giving a prolific scene to thoughts to bloom.The complex commitment in the fundamental reinforcement of flavor and nourishment doesn’t disconnect MM from the general interest for Bar style and plan.

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Raghav Jain is founder of online PR & MEDIA Agency- Brand Box Digital Media, serving celebrities across globe, Abdu rozik, JustSul and many more

With the bar planning possessing a pizazz for holding onto the temperament and energy of the client’s style proclamation, the quality of the considered event is made yet strange. While venturing onto the party square, maybe the crowd enters the element of a space that is beret of the commotion and uproar that is normal for the rest of the world.
Administration is the absolute most significant component that has made Raghav contact the skies of admirable appreciation; the ability to venture into the client’s point of view and work from that position thereafter.
Crafting items and administrations that allure and at a similar hold not simply an exceptionally valued financial thought but instead embrace an unmistakable passionate bond is something that Raghav needed to take a stab at since youthful age days.

Service is the single most important factor that has made Raghav touch the skies of praiseworthy appreciation; the capacity to step into the client’s shoes and work from that position thereafter.
Crafting products and services that appeal and at the same hold not merely a highly prized monetary notion but rather espouse a tangible emotional bond is something that Raghav had to work hard at since young age days.

At Brand box digital media and Mixology Masters, no one returns without a vivid spark of confidence in their own inherent worth, an embellishment of the splendor and light each person carries within. The precious time that the customers spend at our brands has led them into singing inspirational notes of freedom, joy, and empowerment, For Raghav Jain’s business avenues, sky is the limit; a conglomerating nesting place of innovative ideas to quench the ever changing, incessantly growing thirst for expressing the motley persona of the cosmopolitan man.

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