Rajat Aggarwal – The man behind ‘Wow Toys- Delivering Joys of Life’ on a mission to provide exceptional quality toys at budget-friendly cost

With the mission to provide kids with premium quality safe toys withwhich they can play safely, Rajat Aggarwal coined the toys brand ‘Wow Toys- Delivering Joys of Life’.

As a matter of fact, Indian consumers pay more and more attention to high-quality products, however, the price is often the major deciding factor and its importance is caught by a well-known emerging toy brand ‘Wow Toys-Delivering Joys of Life’ that promises good quality products at a pocket-friendly price. To anyone asking if there are any toy brands that are fun, smart, and sturdy, Wow Toys-Delivering Joys of Life is the options customers pick from Amazon, Flipkart and Firstcry. However, the initiation of “Wow Toys-Delivering Joys of Life” was not a favourable one, 2 years back. Here’s the entire story.

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Being inclined to entrepreneurship since school days, founder Rajat Agarwal finally started his entrepreneurial journey in October, 2020 with an initial investment of 10000 rupees. Before that he was a banking professional for almost 8 long years. Though the initial stage of his entrepreneurial career was not in his favour, but he has eventually proved his efficiency when as a business owner he was thrown into a leadership role. Indeed, great leadership takes hard work and hard work is a part of the entrepreneur’s journey. Very seldom does business success come swiftly and effortlessly, Rajat’s entrepreneurial journey was equally topsy-turvy. After experiencing failure in his initial various business ideas, Rajat’s journey with Wow Toys took off.

Rajat adopted fatherhood in the year 2019 and discovered that there is no one particular brand that is affordable and that also offers a variety of toy categories when he used to hunt for toys for his new-born baby on online marketplaces. There are a few well-known brands that sell a range of toys, but these are not affordable for everyone. Additionally, the majority of Indian families do not like to spend a lot of money on toys because children frequently destroy them and it is an ongoing expense. As a result, individuals frequently search for such toys that are of high quality but also affordable. The idea for WOW Toy-Delivering Joys of Life was conceived from there; its initial goal was to create a toy brand where parents could find all different kinds of toys at reasonable prices without sacrificing on the quality.

Children of all ages have their requirements met by WOW Toys-Delivering Joys of Life. As a father, he is aware that toys can be harmful if they are not produced in accordance with industry standards, therefore they specifically procure only those toys that are odourless, eco-friendly, and have nearly no sharp edges, so that parents can relax while their children play with their toys. As a business owner and a father, Rajat is rewarded when his goal behind the formation of Wow Toys has been met as in October 2022, his firm had completed 2 years of inception and in that 2 years they have achieved the desired sales figures, MoM growth is positive and are now well established  name in e-commerce industry in toys category and he gave the credit for his success to his parents and wife who stood up with him in every thick and thin and supported him throughout his journey.

Rajat’s entrepreneurial journey from his initial failures and roadblocks to establishing his brand in the toys industry  is a living example that consistency, commitment, effort, and perseverance is the only way to success, there are no shortcuts for that. When in doubt just remember the quote by Colin Powell “A dream doesn’t become a reality through magic, it takes sweat, determination and hard work”