Ramesh Chaurasia: Better health awareness leads to a better life.

A society is made of its people, and unless the people are happy and healthy, there can be no true progress. Fortunately, an organization is specifically working on spreading health awareness among all sections of society, including the underprivileged ones. The Akhil Bharatiya Adarsh Chaurasia Mahasabha is working with their leaders and extensive team to ensure that all members of the Chaurasia community are aware about health, employment, technology, self-employment, social media platforms and other aspects which will contribute to the progress of their community. Mr. Ramesh Lakhulal Chaurasia is the national president of the organization. He is a successful businessman and a philanthropist who has a positive vision about the future of the Chaurasia community and all its sections across India. He leads the organization with endless zeal and a vision for their bright future.

The importance of food and nutrition for good health

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“Health awareness camps are organized by us where health experts and top medical professionals are invited to give lectures on the importance of physical and mental health. Dietitians are invited for seminars on how to get the best nutrition from the food sources available. Cooking methods and food preservation techniques are discussed to minimize wastage and maximize nutritional aspect of food. The importance of Yoga and exercise is also discussed so that people of all age groups are healthy and live a blissful life. Special attention is paid to women’s health because women from most underprivileged sections of society are neglected when it comes to health and nutrition. They themselves don’t take care of themselves because they have not been brought up in such a way due to the existing gender bias which is there since centuries. We see that their priority is always to ensure that most of the food and resources goes to other members of the family. With our sessions and seminars, we try to educate women, men and children about the importance of maintaining good physical health through the right nutrition and medical awareness. We also ensure that guidance is offered through family and relationship counselling to enable people to resolve family conflicts in a better way.” – Mr. Ramesh Chaurasia shared his thoughts with us when we asked him about the initiatives carried out by the organization.

Awareness is the wind of change that travels far

Poor physical and mental health are very common among the marginalized sections of each community. This is why leaders like Mr. Ramesh Chaurasia work with their team to ensure that these issues are taken seriously and tackled with a one-pointed goal. Experts believe that it is great to help people directly, but if you teach people how to take care of themselves through awareness, it can have a larger impact. It is through spreading awareness that more people can be changed. It is when we know better that we do better. This is why it is the priority of the organization to reach out to more members, especially from the marginalized sections of the Chaurasia- Tamboli communities.

We asked Mr. Ramesh Lakhulal Chaurasia about how their initiatives work and how they reach out to more people. We also asked him how the pandemic affected their initiatives. He said, “We organize camps for free health check ups so that people can come and find out their health status. The ultimate goal behind these camps is to teach people how to take care of their mind and body. With health camps, we try to reach out to even remote villages where there is no concept of maintaining health or awareness about health. There are several sections of society for which daily survival is the priority. We try to help them maintain balance so that they can also enjoy the benefits of health and live disease free. Our team of physical and mental health experts are specially trained to communicate personally with underprivileged members of the community, both men and women. Due to the pandemic, we were unable to reach out to more people since our efforts and initiatives had to be taken online. However, now that the situation is getting normal, we are back on the ground with our team reaching out to more people than ever before. I am sure that our efforts will change the lives of many people and give a rise to a culture where people make their health a priority.”