Ramesh Chaurasia: Promoting togetherness and harmony among all communities for nation building.

The Akhil Bharatiya Adarsh Chaurasia Mahasabha, under the leadership of Mr. Ramesh Lakhulal Chaurasia is working for the upliftment of the Chaurasia-Tamboli community. When we talk about the upliftment of any community, it depends on many factors including their relationship with other communities and different people. Without a feeling of harmony and togetherness, a society cannot achieve fast progress. With this vision of great social cohesiveness, great progress lies ahead.

We asked Mr. Ramesh Chaurasia about his vision, he said – “If a society has to flourish, there should be harmony among all communities. Our country is probably the most diverse in terms of different religions, cultures and traditions. We have the largest young workforce in the whole world. We should make it a priority that all sections of our society are equal and are treated equally. This is the most important thing that can bring all people together and break the barriers of religion, caste, region, culture and everything that divides us. We share this world and as the most evolved creations of God, we should strive to co-exist with one another. You will not believe what we can do if people start working together towards common goals with love for their country. With the use of technology, social media and the internet, we can join people together and instil a feeling of equality, harmony, patriotism and collective welfare.”

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The Chaurasia community is in itself very tight knit and its leaders ensure that all the members of the Chaurasia- Tamboli community live in absolute harmony and look forward to a bright future. Leaders like Mr. Ramesh Chaurasia are actively involved in the upliftment of the community by providing them exposure and therefore enabling them to be more confident citizens. He believes that marginalized members of each community need to be helped and provided the best resources so that they can also achieve their full potential. There is a lot of hidden talent and endless potential among children from marginalized communities which needs to be discovered and nurtured.

“We are trying to inculcate a feeling of true patriotism among the people of the community which encourages them to work and live in harmony with members of all communities, castes and religions. True patriotism for me means when people love their country and naturally there is no country without its people. So, if we as members of a single society cannot co-exist with each other, there is no chance of progress or harmony for the future. A tight knit society works together to uplift itself and the lives of everyone. We organize regular community meetings where members of our community intermingle. We also conduct awareness seminars to educate all members about different religions, cultures and practices. Togetherness, as a concept needs to be ingrained in the members of our society so that no one feels alienated ever.” – Mr. Ramesh Chaurasia

Breaking barriers to create

Society is known to have come into existence when a large number of people decided to come together and live in peace. The world has now become smaller as we are connected through the internet. We can communicate with each other over long distances in seconds and this is a boon if people want to work together. Networking is easy and working towards a cause is also simpler than it ever used to be. We have social media to bring people together and connect them through groups and organized events. If people of a nation make it their goal to help the less privileged and work for the development of all people regardless of the differences, a society will flourish and grow extensively. There is endless potential in us since there is nothing more powerful than human will to create a better world.

Mr. Ramesh Chaurasia is a successful businessman, a philanthropist and a social worker who has been working for the upliftment of all section of the Chaurasia-Tamboli community. The organization works actively for women and child welfare along with many initiatives for marginalized sections of the community. The members of the community are given exposure to the latest learning resources and information through a free E-Learning portal. Seminars and events are organized to spread awareness about latest issues, employment, education, healthcare and more.

The efforts of leaders like Mr. Ramesh Chaurasia and his team are showing their effects as more members of the community are able to move towards a better and more secure lifestyle.