Ramesh Chaurasia talks about the importance of digitalizing education for a better India

We live in a digital world which keeps evolving and changing faster than we could have ever imagined. The Covid pandemic reshaped the world in a way where digitalization of things became a strong pillar which supported millions of lives. Education is one of those things. Various sectors in our country became digitalized in a short period of time and this was possible only because of the coordination and willingness of India’s people to learn and to adapt to a changing world.

Mr. Ramesh Chaurasia, a successful businessman and philanthropist, believes that digitalization of education is the greatest ray of hope for education in our country. This is the only way through which we can ensure that every student in each corner of our vast nation gets to exercise their right to education. Digital education ensures higher attentiveness, better availability to a wider range of study material, and better engagement with teachers.

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Mr. Chaurasia wants to ensure that all students, especially those who belong to underprivileged sections of society get the best education through the means of digital education. There are thousands of talented students who never get the exposure which could help them gain the confidence which is required to shine in this competitive world. Digital education can be the foundation on which such students can build their future.

He says “There is a large number of students who live in remote areas or villages which lack educational infrastructure. Digital education is the greatest hope for such areas because the best teachers can be brought to them with the internet. Smart classes are an innovative learning experience for kids which they find immensely engaging. Our team has worked closely with teachers and they also agree that digital education is indeed the future of education in India. This is an opportunity for us to open new doors for our children and to lead them to a bright and successful future. We can create history by revolutionizing the education system with the use and adoption of technology and mediums including television and the internet.”

“The Government of India is already doing great work to encourage digital education through proactive schemes like PM e-Vidya Programme, ePathshala portal and SWAYAM (Study Webs of Active Learning for Young Aspiring Minds). I was glad to find out that the government has established the National Digital Educational Architecture (NDEAR) to encourage and promote digital infrastructure needed for better educational planning.”, Mr. Chaurasia talks about what the government is doing on this front.

The philanthropist also believes that digitalization of education can encourage the children to learn computers and take interest in technology. Since the students are able to access the study material 24 hours a day with recorded lessons that they can revisit any time they want, they get total control over the time when they want to study. Offline education is time bound, whereas with online education, the students can choose the best time to study.

“The greatest thing about digitalization of education is that it teaches our children to take accountability. As the students are given more control over their education and its progress including what they study and how much, they are more likely to take responsibility and learn their lessons with more sincerity. This is why I believe digital learning also promotes character building in students. I truly believe that if we are able to educate each student in the country with the best resources, our nation will enter a new golden age.”, says Mr. Ramesh Chaurasia. He truly believes in the potential that the children of our country hold. With the right guidance, they can reach the zenith of success and happiness. This is the foundation of a healthy and happy society. Hoping for better implementation and adoption of technology for positive development, Mr. Chaurasia works selflessly to spread more awareness about the benefits of digitalizing education in India.