Rang de India: Presents India’s first reality show focused on art and artists

In this web reality show, talented emerging artists from a variety of genres audition in many cities across India. As finalists, the top artists will demonstrate their breakthrough art style, concepts, techniques, and uniqueness to impress judges during the main phase. Your artwork could be selected by five judges, and galleries and collectors will purchase it at your price. 

India is a diverse country in terms of culture, area, religion, and language, and this has inspired the country’s art. The many faiths and cultures of India have a significant effect on a large percentage of Indian art.

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This is the time to give and a real value to them. Rang de India presents India’s first reality show focused on art and artists, with world-renowned artists from all over India serving as judges, including former professor from Banaras Shri Vijay Singh, HOD of the Painting Department Shi Paranam Singh, artist Amit Kapoor from Jaipur, Shree Vijender Sharma from Delhi, and Nagpur artist Vijay Biswaal and From the Nasik artists Prafull Sawant and Rajesh Sawant

Every young artist in India has the chance of a lifetime to exhibit their work. First, participants must participate in an audition phase that will be place in six locations, including Banaras, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Jaipur, Delhi, and Mumbai. Mumbai is where the final round of selection will take place. When new artists display their works in front of established artists and galleries, art collectors. They will be willing to give them a real valuation

All of the programming will be recorded by Rang de India and broadcast on an OTT platform. That will have an effect on the market for and culture of art in India.

For more information, visit www.rangdeindia.in