Re-inventing herself as a writer, Madhurima Guruju

Madhurima Guruju last scored a massive milestone with her poetry book ‘Musings on Life’ and ‘Musings and Memories’ as it went on gaining accolades from the worldwide readers. The poet has even launched a podcast which is winning hearts across the nation. Since the release of her poetry books, Madhurima Guruju has been taking a lengthy duration to work on her upcoming books but the author is confident to deliver the best output. 

Madhurima Guruju is known to be a writer whose words are soulful where the readers have often showered compliments upon her poetry style that always have moments of introspection.

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<strong>Re-inventing herself as a writer, Madhurima Guruju</strong>

The writer is on full swing lately by dedicating her energy into literary arts. It is believed that she has been widely taking part at open mic events and the crowd is cheering for her performance outrageously. 

Since we dig out the context of Madhurima, we have realised that the author is relentlessly working hard to construct a couple of books that are ready to be released this year. An upcoming fictional novel which we have all been eagerly waiting for, consisting of several illustrations with soulful narration, this book happens to be a romantic genre entitled ‘When Love Lasts’ with the plot mainly based on the entertainment industry. And the next book is a non-fictional work, a documentary based on the upcoming actor Naveen Polishetty. The author has been signed with a contract and she couldn’t be more grateful. 

<strong>Re-inventing herself as a writer, Madhurima Guruju</strong>

Since the release of her poetry books, the expectations of readers took a hike for her next work. Hence the author has decided to dedicate the time for finest execution rather than rushing ‘I have been asked by readers regarding my next work and sometimes their level of anxiousness gets into my nerves seems too much to handle but I am enjoying this humongous appreciation at the same time there’s a sense of responsibility I deem it’.

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As per the reports, the author is gearing up to release her books and she is pretty excited about both the projects. The non-fictional work which she has been passive about, finally came to light when it meant the study of actors and the core content will be revolving around Naveen Polishetty. 

‘Naveen Polishetty, because he’s been an inspiration to many not just to the actors but to anyone striving to pursuade the passion regardless of any situation. His vision is like a giant wing that let anyone fly with inspiration. And he is the actor who is being revered amongst massive crowd across the world. I want people to read his work, imbibe his courage, to feel boosted by his accomplishments’ 

Madhurima is known to take time and deliver high quality writings, so the expectations and excitement to see her unique writing style will be huge. 

On this note, we wish her all the success and happy new year to readers.