Read How Digiscalor Helped Businesses Generate Revenue over $2 Million

Proper techniques and tips are essential to run a successful business. Especially when it comes to E-Commerce Businesses, it is imperative to scale and expand the ventures. But, a lot of businesses are not sure how to do it in a proper way and as the market is filled with agencies that claims to boost your revenue and scale your business it is a difficult task to choose the authentic agency for your business.

Digiscalor is your friend, that will help your business boost and expand in a flash. Digiscalor is the brainchild of Vikas, 27, an alumnus of National Institute of Technology (NIT). The venture is based out of Delhi and helps E-Commerce business get a loyal paid customer base and increase revenue by 10 times.

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Vikas started Digiscalor when he was working as a Software Engineer in Corporate for four years but the passion to do something different and pursue a business on his own lead to the inception of Digiscalor. “We are helping brands to gain audience, get their strategies right and allow businesses to expand in their niche,” says Vikas.

Three years ago, due to the passion that was within him he started his journey and launched his own E-Commerce space, while working in a corporate office and doing 9 to 5 job, and along with it he bootstrapped an Ecommerce store. Vikas says, “The first One of the first stores which I launched was in Car Accessories the store alone made a turnover of 80 Lac in the first 4 months.”

Since then, there was no turning back, subsequently Digiscalor was launched along with partners. Digiscalor has helped more than 50 brands with their revenue, clients and ads. Brands such as Vintage Cart, Ayurherbz, Chicstops etc., are the leading stores that have been associated with Digiscalor.

Digiscalor helps you in sell and upgrade your business in very simple steps;

  • Breaking down your Business to Core
  • Diagnosing your Ads Account
  • Testing more Creatives/Audience
  • Scaling your store to next level

The experienced team at Digiscalor knows what is best for your business and their excellent customer service is always ready to assist you anytime. The professionals help you in;

  • Making your business stable
  • Launching your own Ecommerce Business
  • Get you customers and increase your sales
  • Making your visible and getting you orders
  • Run FB Ads and generate leads

And much more! All the service at very affordable prices. You can know more about their work and see their case studies on their website about how a business saw jump in monthly revenue up to 800% and more.

Currently Digiscalor is helping several brands generate over 2 million revenue and there are various reputed brands that are associated with Digiscalor and have a great consumer base. Vikas, the founder of Digiscalor says, “We at Digiscalor resonate with the pains of Ecommerce brand owner for which we frequently take various steps.”

The company takes care of your sales, marketing, operation, accounts and manufacturing— all of it!

In a short span of 3 years we scaled over 50+ brands driving over $2M+ in revenue and is still growing. As a part of their expansion plan the company will start hiring and expanding making it more efficient and huger.

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