Rebecca Miss Malik, the exuberant artist creating ripples in the industry

The complex world of artists and their muses fall far beyond the reach of the mundane. Singers, songwriters, and these other passionate souls that put their blood, sweat and tears into their creations are at such great heights. They not only fall far beyond our reach, but also in many ways, transcend the boundaries drawn by traditions and give us masterpieces. 

One such artist, whom we shall be introduced to today, is Rebecca Miss Malik. 

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Rebecca Miss Malik is an actress, a singer, a songwriter and a model from the US. The 32 year old miixes traditional Hip Hop beats with classical RnB rhythms to make soulful, creative music. Her works have reached several people across the world. She also has sung covers of various songs that have helped her garner immense success. 

She has sung Immaculate Conception, Wrzn, Trill Exotic, Generate, Carbon , and many others. Her works have been liked by fans all across the globe. 

Rebecca Miss Malik is not only a talented singer, but is also an amazing social media celebrity. She frequently uploads selfies on various social media handles and generates buzz around her looks too. 

Truly, an inspiration, Rebecca has won the hearts of her audiences with her multitalented display. She connects to the core of their emotions and brings forth an enhanced way in which one can express complex emotions. 

She has worked in movies such as Deception, The best Act, Screwed up Christmas and many others.