Relationships and conflict resolution – interview with Dr. Sahanathan

In this new era, the relationship system has diminished. Human suffers losses and lives alone by living selfishly without understanding relationships’ importance. Due to the loss of the sacredness of relationships, people are pushed to self-destruction, depression, and fatigue. Self-confidence speaker Dr. Sahanathan shares how to develop relationships and ways to maintain them.
Question: Tell us about the arts to build, overcome conflict relationships, and how to get rid of problems caused by relationships…?
Once upon a time relationships were seen in 4 ways, such as husband, husband’s feelings, wife and wife’s feelings. But now this belief has slowly diminished and a sense of self-centeredness has increased and caused the relationship to break down. Because of this self prevails- breakdown has become normal between couples, lovers or good friends.
The basic source of the strength of the relationship to avoid separation is better understanding one’s state of mind. First, we need to realize this. Buying and selling is a business but a relationship is not a business it is a soulful connection. Avoid past mistakes and don’t argue with past moments when resolving the current situation. There is nothing wrong with having expectations in a relationship, but expectation does not affect the relationship itself. Sharing and trusting are the beauty of a relationship.
Question: What are the ways to get rid of problems between husband and wife relationship…?
In Hindu marriage a promise is made on the day of marriage, by chanted mantras they promise each other that ‘ I will not hurt you physically or mentally’. But, while living together, it is not followed most of the time. The relationship loses its strength when a husband forgets to embrace and support his wife as a daughter and a wife puts her husband in a fatherly position and loses respect for him and sees him as a hero.
Ego creates a gap in the husband-wife relationship and destroys their relationship by building the idea of ‘I’. The thoughts of ego must be understood by sitting together and discussing about the fault will bring a solution to the argument. Do not accept the wrong choice given by your relatives and friends, the way to tackle the situation is to understand the emotional space of a partner and resolve it from the core.

Question: How do you relate love and meditation…?
Meditation is the state of thoughtlessness. When lovers were in the mindless feeling of love they don’t feel how time moves fast. When it happens with consciousness, it is called meditation. Husband-wife relationship is very ideal. Life is beautiful if you understand that ideal relationship and live in a mindless state of meditation.
Love is a state of meditation. When there are no thoughts, there will be true love. Wherever there is true love, a state of meditation will arise.
Question: Can a human live a perfect lifestyle?
Why not If you identify the root of your aspiration and dream, you can live a complete life. For example, if you are working in a company, you have a desire to grow further and your mind prevails towards the next level, so the desire for one is always endless. Once by realizes oneself, a human can live a complete life.
Question: What should be done to renew faith…?
When a problem occurs, your mind starts thinking about how this happened, and why it happened, with hundreds of bad thoughts around it. Faith can be renewed only by breaking those negative thoughts. You have to control your mind by seeking advice from good friends. There are few solutions to renew faith – avoid misleading people, read good books, list the friends and relations who give you confidence every day, and accept that your mind will gain confidence in 21 days. Apart from this practice yoga, meditation, and following a good diet will lead you on the right path.
Question: How can a human overcome himself in a difficult environment…?
When a problem arises, stop worrying about it and try to resolve it. Approach the problem from a third-person perspective and find the precise solution by thinking that this is the test given to you and you have to solve it. The mind is the perfect servant for every human being, you should handle it properly and don’t approach the problem with anxiety which will lead you the wrong way.

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Question: What is human being search for?
Human life will become a one-way journey when they frequently ask themselves why they feel anger, desire, affection, love, liking, and hatred and continue the same endlessly. Tamil Nadu is a state of the holy land with spirituality. This spiritual practice will teach us how to destroy evil thoughts and how to think noble. This practice will make you understand yourself and make you spend your life on a good search