Remarkable Dietician Monika Vasudeva

Meet Monika Vasudeva, a holistic dietician and fitness enthusiast. She has been recognised as official dietician by beauty peagents recently.  She would describe her as a very hardworking and determined person, once she set a goal, she ensures she accomplish it. She was always a very ambitious woman and she knew she had to do something different and out of the box. She is a former fashion designer and teacher. In 2012 , she realized her true passion and decided to take it further. She already had vast knowledge in diet and nutrition, and she knew she had the potential to guide and help others to eat right. When she started, she was afraid and being a total newbie, she often did compare herself with her competitors, she thought she might not even make it, but it was the love and admiration that she received from her clients which made her realize my potential to even a greater scale. It made her proud when anyone would tell her how different their experience was with her as compared to their past dietician, she was told by many that they felt her diet plans were uncomplicated and very easy to follow.

Just with diet she is able to cure any health issues including diabetes, liver function, uric acid , high blood pressure, low nutrition in the body

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Her journey has been a challenging yet great one, she love seeing one feel great about their body after joining Optimus Nutrition Fitness, my company that started in 2021. It has been a good ride so far, and she is all set to see what the future holds.

Honestly, her main motive was to guide people in the correct manner, after her second pregnancy, she herself consulted with a dietician, that was not only a bad experience, which didn’t help her attain her goals, it made her realize what this industry lacked and ways in which she could fix these complications.

In her past-time, she would often read about articles on the right kind of diet plans, the right diet for kids and adults, the right diet for those with diseases and deficiencies, this led her to find her new interest and do something about it. She then started following a healthy lifestyle and eliminated any sort of junk or unhealthy food from my diet. The changes she felt in her body were tremendous, she felt that everyone struggling with diet and body issues should be educated about it, everyone should try and feel a difference in their body, this is when she knew that she was well suited to be a part of the diet industry and to bring a change by making the easiest diet plans which didn’t include complexities and anyone to starve in order to lose weight. She would say she did motivate myself and never gave up on her dream.

She wouldn’t consider any experience to be an unpleasant one, everything she has ever faced has been a blessing in disguise, she learned numerous lessons while dealing with thousands of people on a regular basis, it is obvious that someone or the other will be hard to handle, she have had impatient and short-tempered clients who expected to see results overnight, but with time, she learned how to manage and deal with her clients in a very friendly manner. Being in this industry, you have to alter yourself and try to understand what your client’s needs are, you need to know the right way to deal with conflicts and arguments, and once you know how to do that, you no longer have any sort of substandard experiences.

Firstly, she would like to mention that she has a great amount of respect and admiration for every person involved in this industry, being a dietician, she knows what a complex and challenging job this is. If you are a dietician and reading this, you know how much time and patience every single it takes to make every single diet plan. One thing she would strongly advise is to be true, to never deceive a client and give them false hopes, always guide and give them a realistic approach on weight loss or gain. She has seen a couple of companies or freelance dietitians falsely advertise, unrealistic weight goals like “lose 10 kg in one week” or even other unrealistic techniques which in the long term are very misleading and hurt the client’s emotions too. Another thing she would like to mention is that she has never understood the concept of “celebrity dietitians”, only working and dealing with celebrities, who are only humans like us, having the same body and functions. She don’t like this term, she feels a dietitian’s role should be to help and guide everyone and not make a normal person feel inferior and substandard, be a role model, a helper, a hero for everyone, this would be her advice to all.

Something that is unique and extraordinary about her life is her availability for her clients, one could be calling her at night, asking a very simple doubt and she would stop everything to answer. She do have work hours, but if you’re a part of the Optimus Nutrition Fitness family, she will never leave you unattended. She has been appreciated about this by each and every client of her. This friendly and supportive method in which she deals with her clients brings them very close to her, they feel like they’ve known her for years and she has a special bond with all of them. Another thing is that she ensure that her client has attained their goals, she push and motivate them to such an extent that they know that they will have to do it. She is not at all strict, she gives them cheat days, she makes party special plans for those who inform her that they’ll be eating out. She do this so no one lies to her and is afraid to share that they couldn’t follow a plan for a day or two. She compensate for this later, but she gives her clients the freedom to enjoy and eat while following a healthy lifestyle too, which leads them to love their journey with her.

Recently chosen as a official dietitian for pageant Soon to be held in September

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