Renowned Coaching institute Biomentors maintains legacy in NEET 2022 result

Maintaining its legacy, Biomentors Online, the renowned Coaching Institute that is solely focused on NEET preparations, has created yet another milestone with its NEET 2022 result which was declared late at night on September 7, 2022.  This institute, which considers its students as commandos had Kishan Prajapati as the highest scorer with 688 marks out of 720 marks, followed by Prashant Katiyar who had a score of 686 marks, and Nitin Kataria who received 675 marks.

Statistics show that approximately 16 lakh students took the NEET 2022 exam this year. Every year the competition is going skyrocket & every single number matters a lot.

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There are 43915 private college seats and 91927 government college seats available for MBBS students. Because the preparation calls for intense devotion and the appropriate coaching, the likelihood of admission to a government college through NEET is only 2 to 3%.

Biomentors believes in tough commando like training that results outstanding ranks.

More than 379 students from biomentors online earned 625 marks out of 720 marks, which is a remarkable score for admission to any highly regarded government medical institution. Over 1211 or more students received 600 plus marks out of 720 marks, a number that makes it simple to gain admission to any government medical college.

Most Biomentors students in NEET 2022 achieved above 650 marks and a respectable rank on their first try, which makes it simpler for them to get admitted to any AIIMS other than the Delhi branch.

Since 2017, Biomentors have consistently delivered results because of their unwavering commitment and excellent teaching techniques. In order to continue their legacy, Biomentors will launch the “Repeaters Rapid Revision” (RRR) Batch for students who are currently on the edge of qualifying for NEET 2022 but still wish to compete. This batch will begin on September 26 and admission will open on September 19, 2022.

When asked about this premier education hub, Dr. Geetendra Singh, the founder of Biomentors, offered the following insight on the NEET Exam: “With each passing year the NEET entrance exam is growing in popularity among national students, with more than 15 lakh applicants signing up each year. Students plan their studies and give it their all to be accepted into one of the most prestigious medical colleges in the nation for MBBS medical programs. There are several advantages to being a doctor, therefore the spike in registrations for the exam shouldn’t be shocking. Biomentors is tirelessly working since its inception to be a torchbearer in the success of these young future doctors and I am glad our students have a year and again kept up with the expectations we behold. ” Under the direction of Dr. Geetendra Singh, a teacher with more than 25 years of expertise and a passion for teaching, Biomentors Online has been assisting students in acing the NEET exam. The institute is a shining name in the realm of education and is proving its potential every passing year with the results showcasing it loudly.