Reserve My Star – Book your favorite Star with just a Click

All of us grew up watching films, cricket, and television shows, and it is no wonder to say that they are an integral part of every Indian household. All of us admire our heroes, sportspeople, actors and actresses, and we love them to the core of our hearts. There are instances where we have kept all of our work aside and celebrated their work as if they were our family. The craze for first-day-first shows, as well as cricket and the IPL, has instilled in each of us, and fans have undoubtedly dreamed of meeting, talking to, or inviting their favourite stars to special occasions, but it is nearly impossible. A common man approaching stars is a very ardent task, but Reserve My Star is making the dreams of fans come true.

Reserve My Star is a first of its kind online platform that connects fans with their admirable and adorable stars. The platform acts like a bridge between the fans and celebrities, giving the fans a lucky chance to host their celebrities and to make their special moments even more special. It dates back to December 2020 when Vinod Raghuvanshi, the founder of Reserve My Star, was toying with the idea of how to connect the masses with superstars, and that marks the inception of Reserve My Star. Started with a mission to create life time experiences and to spread positive awareness, the firm is now bringing broad smiles to fans and has almost made the impossible possible.

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Reserve My Star is India’s first celebrity aggregator and allows individuals and organisations to book their favourite stars. Unlike meeting the PR team and reaching the star through several people at several stages, through Reserve My Star, an individual can book one’s favourite for a special occasion with just a few clicks online. Reserve My Star facilitates these services for special occasions such as weddings, inaugurations, corporate and social events, college festivals and many more. Reserve My Star’s portfolio consists of actors from various languages such as Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarathi, Marathi, Bhojpuri, Bengali, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Odia, Malayalam, and Assamese, and sportspersons and athletes, and the list never ends. The list includes big names such as A.R. Rahman, Sharman Joshi, Chetan Bhagat, Nora Fatehi, Sunny Deol and many other stars.

Reserve My Star’s tagline is Happiness Guaranteed. One incident of the founder Vinod’s life when he had to struggle a lot to book his favourite celebrity for one of his events. That incident inspired him to create a platform where people can book their favourite celebrities easily and with great experience.

Even though it is India’s first celebrity aggregator, Reserve My Star is so ideal and honest that they are transparent in pricing as all the charges that are associated with booking a celebrity are displayed on the website. They keep themselves updated in terms of technology with a motto to deliver great customer experience, and they provide solutions to the customers round the clock and throughout the year via email and call support.

It is indeed true that Reserve My Star is moving forward with great velocity by fulfilling its vision of bringing the common masses closer to their favourite stars and giving all of them an experience to cherish for life. Reserve My Star is planning to onboard more celebrities and is trying day and night to provide an experience that’s flawless for their customers. Website: