Reyansh Gaur – Extraordinary Multitalented Versatile Kid

Reyansh (D.O.B–05/08/2010). A Super, Multi-talented, extraordinary child.India Book of Records, Record Holder(Highest Kick, 360-degree Taekwondo ) and BLACK BELT. He is the only child in India holding this Title of Record.

Medalist in international and national Taekwondo sports and Medalist in Athletic-Race. Won numbers of Trophies and medals in DanceDrawing and Sketches selected/exhibited on exhibitions. Also interested in Swimming and Skating do practices on weekend. Academic Excellency Topper every year and Gold medals/Excellence in all other educational activities. Reyansh”s Multi-Tasking abilities make him Most Versatile Kid in INDIA .

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Notability –

Reyansh in childhood is always very curious about learning and doing new things. Involved in most of the activities. Hard work and passion make him so successful in all areas. holding many awards in respect ofmany fields such as Sports, Dance, Art, Education and Extra activities etc. Numbers of National/State/City NEWS channels and Newspapers has telecast or published his achievements. His achievementhighlighted in ZEE Business, News 18, MPTAK-Aaj Tak, Star News, India News, Local News TV [ All News ], Danik Bhaskar, Haribhoomi , RajExpress, Hitvada etc.

Biggest Achievement –

At the age of 8 yrs. Heachieved India Book of Records, which is governed by the rules of the Asia Book of Records in July 2019. Record of highest kick-360 degrees in India.

Awards –

On November 2019, awarded the India Glory Award in Jaipur. The award was conferred by TV and film actor Phool Singh and other great personalities.

National Excellence Award in Noida on November 2019 the award was conferred by Delhi Pradesh Congress General Secretary Anurudh Lal, Bollywood actor Kunal Singh Rajput and other great personalities.

The International Kalam Golden Awards – Best Achiever of the Year in Chennai was presented by the 2019 Kalam Book of Records (World Records) in October 2019.

National Award 2019 by All India Engineering Students Organization (E.S.O. India National Chairman (E.S.O India) and State Executive Member Bhartiya Janta Party.

Awarded the Pride of India Education Award – Best Student of the Year in Delhi 2020. The award was awarded to Reyansh Gaur from the hand of famous celebrity Mandira Bedi. 

Awarded the Student of the Year 2019 Award from Life India Corporation and Radio FM 93 .5 at Jabalpur.

Awarded the Best Athletic of the Year 2019 from school at Jabalpur.

First place asCoding Programmer in Coding pathshala contest among fifteen thousand participants from all over India. Contest online at Madhya Pradesh,incubationcenter. Contest run under AtmaNirbhar Bharat, Narendra Modi Jicampaign in sep2020.

Three times winner in Science projects contest on Universe organized by University of Bath, UnitedKingdom (2021 & 2022 ) and Oakwood, Plymouth, MN, USA ( 2021 )

He has been mastering in dance, writing, drawing, Roller skating, piano, swimming, taekwondo. From the age of 6, Reyansh started learning dance and received many awards in his dance journey. He makes paintings and sketches in drawing. His art has been selected and displayed in Mumbai and Pune Exhibitions. Reyansh has completed his black belt degree in Taekwondo in 2018. He also has an interest in swimming and skating too, which he practices during weekends. He loves English song and also sing well. Peoples wonder how this young child here can flourish in so many activities.

Multi-talented Reyansh does all things under systemic ways and in combinations. He follows smart set of proper time management.Where kids nowadays spending their time on TV and mobiles. He uses time to learn new things and to improve in what has already achieved.

During the covid time, he had earned many achievements and numbers of international,and national medals in taekwondo sports on online platforms. This makes him different in that whatever the situation is, He will never stop.