Ring of Inspiration: American Pro Wrestler ‘Brimstone’ Dives Deep into Wrestling Glory on ‘Creative Audios.in Podcast’

American Pro-Wrestler Brimstone Opened Up on Ajay Tambe’s ‘Creative audios.in Podcast’ about How he Transformed from being a Music Band-Artist to a Pro-Wrestler.

Hear the gripping story of how Brimstone was unexpectedly called upon to photograph a wrestling event, an experience that ignited a spark within them. Learn how this chance encounter transformed Brimstone’s life forever.

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An extraordinary tale of transformation as we delve into the heartwarming journey of a music artist turned professional wrestler, Brimstone

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Brimstone had been a fan of wrestling at a very young age and decided that he wanted to become a wrestler at twenty-one. Brimstone’s wrestling career began in 1996 when he, and longtime friend Chris Hostile decided to follow a lifelong dream.

Brimstone joined Wrestling World Wide in 1997 and quickly became a mainstay of the federation. Although he wrestled many tag matches for the company, Brimstone remained a singles competitor for the larger part of his tenure there. He was brought into the company by Rocky Shore and T.N.T., known as “The Bad Boys.”

Brimstone became the Wrestling World Wide “Heavyweight Champion” in Manhattan, New York on August 5, 2000 after defeating One Man Riot Squad.

Brimstone has had a successful and rewarding career spanning well over four decades; participating in numerous entertainment fields boasting a list of titles including professional wrestler, radio host/professional podcaster, actor, voice actor, author, musician, philanthropist, food critic, horror model, and comic book/animated/children’s book/video game hero. He’s been called a Renaissance man by many, but more accurately described as a well-seasoned entertainer and serial entertainment entrepreneur.

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