Rituraj is up to doing something big!!

After achieving significant success from his health blog “HealthAndHealthier,” Rituraj is taking a step forward to the health industry. Be it “the best health blogger in India” to “the best rising entrepreneurs in India,” Rituraj has received several awards. He has always given his best in whatever he has put his hands on. He started up with SphIndia and then continued his journey with HealthAndHealthier. SphIndia was an experiment that resulted in the success of HealthAndHealthier. 

“Success is never achieved without struggle” as Rituraj says, the journey has been extremely tough. Big brands never achieve their tag without tasting failure. The same has been the case with Rituraj Pramanik. The journey has been short and sweet, but a lot of hard work and patience were behind the success of Health And Healthier. 

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Health And Healthier are currently tied up with several brands and has been awarded the title of the best health blog in West Bengal as of 2021. Well, the blogging career has been challenging, just like every other blogger’s. Even though he began his primary website, Health&Healthier, approximately a year ago, he struggled in the digital marketing area for over five years. “We’ve all seen the peer pressure that comes with growing up in a middle-class home. We need to study hard, find a job, and eventually, live a steady life. At least, that’s the case in Kolkata (the place where I live).”, Rituraj said. 

He finished his studies, graduated with a B.Pharma, and eventually landed at a well-known firm. But soon, he realized that this was not the routine for him. He grew up as a youngster who enjoyed taking chances and facing new difficulties every day. But there were no challenges in this 9-5 job that he had to face every day. But, as he previously stated, being a guy from a middle-class family means never taking financial risks. As a result, he continued working to earn enough money to operate a profitable blog. He ultimately resigned from his job in January 2021 to devote his whole time to building this site and his digital marketing talents. So far, it’s doing rather nicely.

Rituraj has done it all, from deciphering Google’s algorithm to ranking among India’s top 5 health blogs. Rituraj is a digital marketer and health blogger from Kolkata specializing in SEO tactics, affiliate marketing, and advertising. He has qualifications in pharmaceutical technology as well as assessment certification from Google and Microsoft. He left his work in the core marketing and sales industry to embark on his blogging career. Despite several failures in the SEO business, he eventually discovered the secrets of Google ranking using his expertise.

Rituraj’s upcoming project is an innovative one. As per sources, he is on the verge of moving on to the e-commerce section. He plans to build a creative e-commerce pet website that will allow anyone to sell or buy pet products. According to him, maintaining a pet’s good health is more complicated than keeping a person’s good health. The name of his upcoming project is still unaware and hopefully will be known to us within a few months. As per sources, he is collaborating with some international brands, which will help him in his upcoming journey. Hopefully, this will be another grand project, especially when his previous projects have been of great success. 

Rituraj’s Instagram – https://instagram.com/therituraj Rituraj’s Health Blog – https://healthandhealthier.com