Sagar Anil Patil – The man behind Peculiar Integrity OPC Pvt Ltd

Sagar Anil Patil is an entrepreneur, life coach, and Founder & CEO of Peculiar Integrity that provides Life, Career, Personal and Relationship Coaching services. He has been providing entrepreneurship coaching, business planning and business coaching to help individuals and businesses to hit goals in business and achieve personal success targeting the unique skills and gifts of every individual.

It goes without saying, coaching at every sphere of life turns out to be an incredibly powerful tool for enhancing possibilities that helps people reach their goals where the coaches, trainers and mentors acts as the guiding light in strengthening the mindset and approaches in leading people to their journey of success. Sagar has made meaningful contribution in the lives of the people that had certainly rekindled new hope in them embracing the changes of new life.

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Relationships are one of the most important parts of our lives that bring comfort and happiness in our lives. Every people strive for healthy and good relationships and if it breaks down it causes emotional turmoil whether it’s between family or friends or any couple. Every fourth person experiences relationship issues at some point of their lives that causes negative emotions in other areas of life. This is where relationship coaching comes into the picture where a relationship coach helps address problems in a range of relationships be it relationships with partners, friends or work colleagues.

Peculiar Integrity OPC Pvt Ltd is established by Sagar Anil Patil under Education, Coaching, and Services sector to providing life coaching and related services to escalate positivity, accelerate productivity so that it can magnify the impact on the world and multiply success in the personal and professional life of the people. It provides online coaching sessions with the help of various online platforms all across the globe. Peculiar Integrity OPC Pvt Ltd had also established its subsidiary company Peculiar Academy that aims to provide pre-recorded courses on Personal Development, Business, Entrepreneurship, Space Science, Rocket Science, Aeronautical Engineering, Software Development and Life coaching. It also offers on-demand free 30 minutes live sessions as demonstration. Currently the Peculiar academy is providing master class courses on personal development on goal setting and goal achievement.

Helping people out was always there in Sagar’s blood and he felt a burning desire to aid people around him and make progress in their personal and professional lives in order to attain greater fulfilment. As a professional coach Sagar spares no effort to aid his clients in improving their relationships, careers and day to day lives and becomes their strongest pillar to give a fresh perspective to their life.  With a mission to bring out the best in his clients as a mentor Sagar has consistently maximised the potential of numerous people and inspired and encouraged others in following their dreams. Besides being an entrepreneur Sagar is an Aeronautical Engineer too.

In the words of Sagar “I am an open-minded and inquisitive person and this trait fuelled me in developing deep inner insight along with a high level of emotional intelligence. I don’t think there are any universal laws to abide by, so I don’t accept the status quo, so I reflect on what makes me comfortable rather than what others except”

Sagar as a business coach helps new business build from the scratch. He helps in the process of setting up their business defining missions and goals. He also guides the existing business owners with certain strategies so that they can elevate their business to the next level as they have hit a plateau in their company’s growth. He remains in the corner of the entrepreneurs and assist them as a hand holder with an expertise so that their does not come any tough situation. This way Sagar make the lives of the owners much stressful.

Peculiar Integrity OPC Pvt Ltd soon are gearing up to kick-start their services in the field of IT, training, internship, and job opportunities for the students together with starting entrepreneurship drive by collaborating with various colleges. Peculiar Academy is gearing up to launch more than 3000 courses in the near future. I am sure you are looking forward to prosper in your personal and professional life.  Enrol now!



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