Sahay Sir- The Ultimate Solution To Your Queries in NEET and JEE Physics/ Chemistry doubts

Digital technologies have made our life easier, and it is also true for the field of learning. It is boring to flip through the books’ pages and read long articles. Moreover, books do not always provide solutions to your queries. Thus, the best alternative is to approach the digital world and make your learning process more manageable. Sahay Sir has brought you a unique platform to help you score high in Physics and Chemistry.

JEE and NEET competitors and students from Class 6 to 12 can visit the website to get physics and chemistry answers.

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How is Sahay Sir different from other educational platforms?

You may have visited several educational websites to gain knowledge. However, at, you will find uploaded videos on Physics and Chemistry. You can play the video and find answers to your queries. The question-answer format presented in the video has made unique. You will find easily digestible information in those videos. You do not need to visit the coaching institute and buy several books. As is with you, there is a chance of securing high marks in the subjects like Physics and Chemistry.

The answers to every question are short, elucidating, crisp, and engaging. You can follow the pattern while preparing for the final exam. Most importantly, you may play the videos at any time and go through the information provided in them. 

You will not waste time searching for the desired videos. The adequately organised videos are easily accessible to you. Although there are short videos, they give the ultimate value to you. Every video is based on a particular question, and the professional teachers have clarified it for students. You can visit and click on the button to play the free videos. In fact, has become a resource to intelligent and sincere students.

Who is the creator of

Prashant R. Sahay, one of the certified and senior-level Physics teachers, has designed the platform. The edu-tech platform has initially focused on Physics. But, in due course, it has covered videos on Chemistry. All video solutions have been created by top NEET and JEE educators from Kota and Delhi. The video solutions cover all the important modules and books that students follow for their NEET preparation. Clear your queries by watching these videos. Your preparations for competitive exams become more accessible with You will feel comfortable learning Physics and Chemistry while staying at your home. 

The Module Questions included in the videos are from the last 15 years’ question papers. Mr. Sahay has taken a Doubt Removal approach by uploading valuable and instructional videos. He knows that students have endless questions while they go through different chapters. However, books do not always cover their queries. That is why he has taken the correct initiative to develop unique videos.

Do visit the platform,, and find the solutions to your queries. Sahay Sir– The Ultimate Solution To Your Queries in NEET and JEE Physics/ Chemistry doubts