SALAX, Promoting Quality Homoeopathic Generics in India

Established in 1984 by Dr K.K.Srivastava, Salax Chemicals Pvt Ltd (SALAX) is an ISO & GMP certified company. 

The company strictly complies with the principles and guidelines laid down for GMP under schedule M1 of the Drugs and cosmetic act 1940. 

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SALAX has its manufacturing unit in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, equipped with the latest technology and infrastructure. The team also has a well-equipped analytical laboratory where all the raw materials, including herbs, are meticulously identified and authenticated before use. 

To make SALAX a success, Dr.K. K. Srivastava, the founder member of the Salax family, played a pivotal role. In 2000, the baton was carried on dextrously by his son Mr Ritesh Srivastava, B.SC, PGDSM. The latter brought in revolutionary changes in the form of technological advancements and systems to enhance production. However, QUALITY over QUANTITY had and will always be the USP of the company.

SALAX affirms the homeopathic belief of- no penalties, only rewards”.

Mr Ritesh Srivastava, Director, SALAX, shared some of his trade secrets. 

In his words,

“My father, Dr K. K. Srivastava laid the foundation of Salax Chemicals Pvt. Limited on the principle of safe and natural medical remedies. We have never astrayed from this principle. Having been in the medical field for more than 35 years, we are now trusted by many people in India as the products that we offer are 100% natural and can be safely consumed by everyone.”

He adds, “The biggest strength of my company is the undeterring team of hard-working and dedicated employees who make sure that the quality and standards set by the company in its formative years are always maintained. One of the major reasons that has helped us successfully sustain through the ever growing market. From then to now, our products have been 100% natural and can be safely consumed by everyone, children as well as adults. Moreover, a dedicated team of qualified medical experts are diligently indulged to deliver world-class health care solutions. We all at SALAX have taken a pledge to deliver world-class health care solutions which can bring quality changes in human life style with zero side effects.” 

He asserts further, “SALAX has always believed in serving its patrons with utmost honesty and regard. The feedback of each of its clients is keenly analysed to improve and enhance the quality of production. We take it as our responsibility to attain the real objective of our company which is – Improved health and care. We wish to pass on health care solutions that can raise a generation that is healthier, heartier and stress free.” 

Success cannot be achieved without enduring a fair share of challenges!

Mr Ritesh Srivastava has also faced countless challenges in his endeavour. He has always believed -To rise like a Phoenix from the ashes. He says, “Of all the challenges that I faced, the biggest challenge was to bust the myths associated with Homeopathic medicines and to make people believe in the science behind homeopathy.Then, to stay afloat in the ever increasing tide of competition in medical and technological field, and to combat the financial crunch posed by market dips.”

Covid- 19 brought in hazards in the health sector and threw a challenge for the industry owners. Most of the service providers were laying off their staff. Mr Ritesh Srivastava ensured not to disengage any of his employees in these difficult times. In fact, he also made provisions to engage workers who were laid off by their employees and helped them get some work. Having been an active member of various Associations like ASSOCHAM, U.P. and Small Industries and Manufacturer’s Association, he always worked for the right cause. During his tenure as Secretary, Lucknow Chapter of ASSOCHAM, U.P AND Chapter Chairman, Lucknow Chapter, Small Industries and Manufacturer’s Association, he has made relentless efforts to bring forth a consumer-friendly, pocket-friendly and health-friendly production environment. He has been the backbone of the associations and has represented them at various forums fearlessly, voicing the needs and changes required for the upliftment of small scale industries.

His unceasing love for his work, belief in himself and his team, and love and compassion for humanity keep him going day after day to realise his dreams of bringing forth the best health care solutions that shall procure a healthy and happy generation.