The year 2020 is one such year no one could forget. The tables were turned up and down suddenly and the outbreak of coronavirus changed everything. One of the most significant things people discovered during the lockdown is the extended advantage of social media as a platform to start and grow to reach further heights. Instagram is really being a great platform for those who want to debut into the performing arts career. We have the story of Samarpita who started her journey in 2020 and rose to a decent position within a very less time.

Samarpita, a honours graduate from the Calcutta university is now trying to make her mark in social media and to entertain her followers to the best and beyond her capabilities. She decided to debut in 2020, but like the saying “ Great things take time” , her initial days were not that great. She couldn’t get more reach to her posts, the increase rate in her followers is relatively low. Moreover, she has to receive many comments and had to suffer boundless criticism from her friends. People used to laugh at her back and troll her. But she boarded the ship only to reach the destination but not stop in middle. This motivation and determination let her withstand the discouragement from many people and that led to what she is today.

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She is so desperate and devoted to acting that she treats all kinds of roles and characters equally. She says that, what ever the character is, it will bring the performer out of her at any cost and this will let her showcase her unexposed dimension to her audience. She is so down to earth person, even after gaining a huge popularity in social media, she still says that every person with a good quality inspires her. In a world full of selfish people, she says, people with moral values like honesty, truthfulness and loyalty must be appreciated and should be set as an example for everyone of us. What drives her is the good response from her followers and this urges her inner self to do something new and entertaining.

She completely condemns plagiarism and requests everyone to strictly prohibit plagiarism. She believes that a creative content is a result of ideas that are born and influenced within the creator and these can be portrayed well and meaningfully only by the creator. So copying that to increase reach is not ideal and should be eliminated from the platform. She is a huge fan of Hritik Roshan and if given a chance to spend a day with him, she would like to choose a Riverside place with a calm and serene environment and that day would be cherished forever.

Samarpita received many trophies and certificates from renowned organisations such as Sharechat and Kuyili. She suggests the aspiring artists to work hard and focus on their goal and wait for that one day for all the barriers to be broken. She is looking forward to act more and more in different kind of roles and wants to excel in such a level that people will remember her and her performance forever.