Sandeep Mishra –Revolutionizing the travel industry through his far sighted platforms &

Traveling at least once a year have become a norm nowadays, to escape daily life, learn something new and expand the perspective of people who are constantly searching for a new unique destination. Although there are hundreds of apps that make traveler’s  life easier by providing them services to book  flight tickets, plane tickets, orbitz flights, delta flights, irctc tickets, air india booking, the industry still lacks an app where user can find all the travel related information like searching  for flight rates, plane tickets , hotel rooms and taxis and booking  tickets for flights, hotels, motels and taxi’s.To solve this huge problem, Mr. Sandeep Mishra, an excellent web developer and MBA, and founder of built this utilitarian platform to help travelers find and book tickets for places & trips that match the most with their preferences, by providing as narrowed-down suggestions as possible.

Sandeep Mishra --Revolutionizing the travel industry through his far sighted platforms & a one stop destination for all travel related needs not only helps users to book cheap and reasonable flight and hotel tickets online but also it helps travellers to find taxes and rented cars too .This app will help users not to compromise with their preferences and factors and skip the tedious task of researching on the internet. has been helping tourists for over 2 Years and they offer unmatched ease for booking the perfect dream vacation. The services like booking tickets for orbits flights, delta flights, irctc, emirates airline, American airlines, air peace airline, qatar airways, air India, southwest airlines, air niugini, Qatar Airways and cheap tickets for Emirates and American Airlines are also available.

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Mr. Sandeep Mishra being a qualified software engineer and a technophile, initially faced a lot of difficulties in finding the best price for an airline and the hotel while planning a trip. This problem in the tourist industry persuaded him to build a platform where the travellers can find all the travel related information and diverse prices of all sites at one place.

Sandeep Mishra --Revolutionizing the travel industry through his far sighted platforms &

Currently Mr. Sandeep Mishra is working with well accomplished company Accenture as Team lead web developer. He have also built where  all the users can stay updated with all information about interactive maps, pin codes, zip codes, airports codes, facts,   travel destinations, election updates, sports, entertainment, health and many more. This website which aims to provide relevant information about our earth, it’s geography, component, weather, climate of different locations, sports, elections, news, earthquakes etc. So that one can get all information at a single place with ease.

Sandeep’s mission is to provide a way to user so that they can avoid searching the sites for their prices and get all the information at single place. He wants to revolutionize the travel industry by building platforms like and He owns a vision to ease the customer needs for travel booking and is working passionately and ardently to achieve the objective he has visioned for.