Sarafa Bazar India Launched Gold and Silver live Rates on Mobile App.

Yes, Sarafa Bazar India is now giving you the live updates about MCX live rates of Gold and Silver.

Sarafa Bazar India believes that as a smart seller or a maker of jewellery, you should know about every little change happening in the industry.

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It permits everyone in the jewellery wholesale industry to contribute to the growth and work with a goal that aims to bring revolution in the B2B Gems and Jewellery market.

Sarafa Bazar India, is an online platform that connects all aspects of Jewellery Wholesale Industry.

With Sarafa Bazar India, you get to choose among 15000+ authentic jewellery products, which serves you well with their beauty, detailed work, quality, and wholesale prices!

Here, you get the chance to spread your business and increase your reach to thousands of trusted, leading jewellery manufacturers, retailers, and wholesalers.

Sarafa Bazar India works with a dream to look for jewellery manufacturers, retailers, and wholesalers, and keep them connected with industry through its website – . Here you can track down makers and wholesalers of a wide range of diamonds and gems. You can likewise look for adornments related to machines, shows, and bundling, stockpiling and security, institutes, and so forth.

Sarafa Bazar India’s vast product range includes-

Handmade Plane Gold Jewellery

Silver articles & Jewellery

CNC, Italian & Turkish Gold

CZ & Plain casting goal

Antique & Kundan gold

Stone & gold jewellery

Platinum Jewellery

Diamond jewellery

Jewellery Machines

Sarafa Bazar India is working smartly on bringing revolution in the wholesale industry of Jewellery. It has a huge network of sellers and makers all around the country. Many leading manufacturers, and sellers from all major cities of the country are already connected to Sarafa Bazar India through its mobile application.

Events and Promotions

For wider reach of it’s community members and for achieving its’ marketing goals, in 2021 Sarafa Bazar India participated in UGJIS- Pune, DJGF- Delhi, HJF- Hyderabad, Jewelnet Expo- Chandigarh. And in 2022 Sarafa Bazar India has participated in UGJIS- Pune and next taking part in JewelNet Expo- Ludhiana.

Why join Sarafa Bazar India?

Sarafa Bazar India gives an ideal stage to advertise your jewellery business to its ever developing subscriber base from various locations of the country. You can arrive at a more extensive base of jewellery makers, wholesalers, and retailers breaking all geological hindrances simply sitting at your home or any solace place.