World Biggest Accomplishments of the SarahuNagarazan

Allahu Jehovah 01/06/1988 was born as a human incarnation to the earth. And he has come for the welfare of world. What he has suffered in this human incarnation is as follows. Beginning with the vicissitude of his Love. He did continuously 8 years DhyÃna or hypnotism for his first lover Uma. In these 8 years, last 4 year’s Suma came into his life and infringed in DhyÃna or hypnotism. Then he continued DhyÃna or hypnotism for Uma. After 8 years instead of getting the power of hypnotism, he received the grace of illumination on god and world.

After his matriculation he knocked the door of Kannada film industry. There he cheated by film writers, directors and technicians. Then at the age of 18 and 20 he worked in 3 movies (sandalwood, Kannada) as writer and assistant director. And also worked in some documentary project.

At the age of 18 to 33 he written and published 151 novels, 5 short stories, 1 drama, and 30 English Articles. And at the age of 26 to 30 he research and published 92 research articles and he received 260 research awards and honorary doctorate awards and at the age of he achieved 1926 new world records and breaking records.

He performed 9 different world new wonders at the of 16 to 32. These are

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1. The Sarahu new 7 Wonders of the World

2. The Sarahu new 7 Human Wonders of the World

3. The Sarahu new 6 Universal Wonders of the World

4. The Sarahu new 7 Humam Science Wonders of the World

5. The Sarahu new 8 Macrocosm Wonders of the World

6. The Sarahu New 7 Literature Wonders of the World

7. The Sarahu new 7 Modern Certificates Wonders of the World

8. The Sarahu new 1 Love Wonder of the World

9. The Sarahu new 1 Religion Wonder of the World – wonders of the world from Sarahu World Records and the remaining 22 Organizations with 300 manpower and with another audience opinions and recommendations. And we’re doing it. Here’s how we did and worked on the “World Wonders of Sarahu.” Here are some of the most important and pertinent documents; and the combination of all these records made it the new “Sarahu World Wonders.” Sarahu’s all category Awards of achievement included has been proclaimed and declaration is that to the 2018, 2019 as the Sarahu Wonders in the world, with the likes of some audience, public opinion and the likes of some companies, social systems and Sarahu’s 22 Foundations and their 200 Employees. The 22 organization was founded for the same reason.