Sateesh Patil wins an International award for his classic novel ‘In the Name of Queen’


Author Sateesh Patil wins an International award for the book in Fiction for the title – In the Name of Queen awarded by YATHA KATHA INTERNATIONAL FILM & LITERATURE FEST.

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The book has been nominated along with the other art forms and to re-engage the world with the mesmerizing world of stories & their presentations. Author Sateesh Patil has dedicated the book to all the women who are leading an independent life and as well struggling with mental health issues. Sateesh Patil has done a great job in portraying the lead female character and her struggle towards society and aspires to have an independent life. The book remarkably makes the statement against the social orders and connects new people in life as strange as they would change a person’s life forever even though have never met them before.

The pure classic drama and steady narration make the best part of the book, for which a special mention for an International award is deserved. Another interesting aspect of this book is that with only less than ten characters, the author has depicted a perfect drama which is considered to be his masterpiece work in literature.

About the Book

Author: Sateesh Patil 

Title: In the Name of Queen

Book Description:

In the book “In the Name of Queen,” the plot follows a lead character Jane where he takes four months, one hundred and fifty-two days to be exact. Jane has attempted to muster up the courage just to say “hello” and failed each time. A Magnus Opus in the life journey of Jane who is about to win a catastrophic heart.

A Series of events take place where two vivid lives collide and try to help each other away from the world and locked in each other’s world.

Most of the book deals with two lead characters and their specific mental health as they battle through modern ages of time, one with anxiety attacks and the other with epilepsy. Acting as a cure and comforting each other, the book’s theme. Mental health-related issues and the anxiety of social life plays the primary role in transforming the characters.


Sateesh Patil from Hyderabad, India, is known for his fictional works on feminine and romanticizing nature. His books include – (HOW JANE MET NEHA RAJ) & (IN THE NAME OF QUEEN) themes as Romantic writings and social issues on mental health-related issues when two vivid lives collide.

Sateesh Patil is from Hyderabad with a Maratha background. He has published various article books on psychology and short stories internationally. He is known for his fundraisings for a cause to aid victims dealing with epilepsy and mental health issues.

He is currently pursuing Masters in English Literature and working as an Investigation Specialist at Amazon development center in Hyderabad.

He reigns as one of the most influencing reviewers and writers from Hyderabad. 

In the Name of Queen – the modern fiction is considered his masterpiece work on mature writings that deal with youngsters’ modern social lives and meeting the right people in life.