Sattyajeet Karale Patil, story of an exceptional cyber lawyer with a golden heart

An ace Advocate Sattyajeet Karale Patil had made headlines with well known cyber cases such as 25 Lakhs KBC Fraud, Amazon Fraud, Crypto currency & Bitcoin Fraud, Facebook – Instagram Account cloning, along with the online bank Frauds like deduction of amount through unauthorized transactions with unverified website. With a focus on functionality, 24 year old Sattyajeet had set himself apart and grabbed the attention of public for his strong vision and perspective.

Being one of the youngest lawyers in the state of Maharashtra Advocate Sattyajeet practices in cyber crimes and narcotics all across India. He is a conscience bearer and help in transparency and rectifies any problem that comes along the way by implementing his new ideas and innovative solutions. His contribution in significantly solving the cases with the knowledge and energy together with sincerity and punctuality that he bring to the table makes him stand apart from the crowd.

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Speaking about his inspiration behind becoming a cyber lawyer Sattyajeet states “My father is a criminal lawyer and I have grown up seeing his command of the facts and his best job resolving the criminal cases. This inspired me to pursue my career in Law and cyber crime specifically as it is being one of the interesting and a new aspect in law”. It goes without saying, Cyber crime touches almost all aspects of transactions and activities on and concerning the Internet as today it encompasses the aspect of everybody’s daily life taking over the world.

Research says, as of 2021 nearly 4.66 billion of people uses internet and the increase in cybercrime is inevitable where implementation and usage of strict cyber rules to safeguard data and privacy of the users to establish a safe and secure environment for the users becomes a necessity. Talking about a similar picture Sattyajeet shares a memorable incident from his life as a cyber lawyer “There was students who fell into the trap of phishing and altogether he had lost 20000 INR from his debit card. He went out of money and was helpless to even pay my fees. Seeing his genuineness I could not resist myself and helped him recover that amount within 3 working hours on that same day. He was grateful and touched my feet and I count this as one of my biggest achievements in my profession where I could stand by the people and make proper use of my profession for the people in need”.

It’s no wonder that being a lawyer is one of the most serious and complex profession on date and being a noble profession at times it becomes quite challenging in terms of up gradation and specialization in the market with latest changes and trends that leads to the enhancement of the credibility of a lawyer. In many cases there remains the fear that due to lack of evidences the innocent might fail to get justice and in such situation Sattyajeet often goes out of his way and spares no effort in delivering justice to the innocent. The profession demands practicality of the situation in almost all the matters and that becomes quite challenging in terms of following ethics.

Stressing on work life balance Sattyajeet mentions about its importance in every professional’s life. He believes, along with work and career, family, friends and personal life needs attention too and one must prioritize everything and plan their schedule accordingly. He says “I talk to friends on call mostly while traveling to save time for my work. I make sure that I maintain balance between my personal and professional life with all the things which are part and parcel of my life. Sometimes the lines between my professional and personal life becomes blurred and that situation demands nothing but sacrifice from personal life without even questioning anything.”

Sattyajeet signs off saying “Being into cyber crimes and narcotics I would like to make people aware of these frauds so that they do not become a victim of such online schemes of doubling the money or rummy or fake websites. Like a responsible citizen it’s our duty to remain cautious and always verify the sources before making any online transaction.”



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