Satya Raj Foundation has been working to bring change to the country.

Set up on 27th February 2020 was a Non-Governmental Organization ( Trust ) by the name of Satya Raj Foundation. It is lead by four individuals – Aditya Tripathi, as the organizer and, president, Pawan Maurya, as the Vice President, and Daulat Raj Giri as the Treasurer and Atul Tripathi as the Vice president. Satya Raj Foundation has been buckling down towards its main goal. 

What was the reason for the establishment of the Satya Raj Foundation by Aditya Tripathi

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Satya Raj Foundation has been working to bring change to the country. It is headquartered in New Delhi. It has an exceptionally clear thought process and vision of having a contaminated free nation and it wishes to plant whatever number of trees as could reasonably be expected and instructing however many youngsters as would be prudent.In this pandemic, it has already.

achieved the following missions of its foundation.These points are mentioned below:-

1) It has provided Mask and also distributed food to the needy in Lockdown time. 

2) Distributed books among Slum Children to promote and provide education to them. 

3) Planted trees in different places, distributed plants to people and teach them about the importance of trees, and taught them to plant the trees to make our environment pollution-free. 

Satya Raj Foundation is working for the welfare of the society at large and it aims to achieve all its missions and set more goals for itself so that it can be one of the best Non-Governmental Organizations for life.

Aditya Tripathi Satya Raj Foundation Mission:-   

Aditya Tripathi expects to accomplish the twin objectives of assisting helpless youngsters with instruction and giving them free food. 

  1. Educate your child and inturn educate your house is our motto.
  2. Have a pollution-free environment. Plant trees, save trees. 

What Satya Raj foundation do  

Satya Raj foundation plays a very important role in the development of society and individuals.

Below are some of the important Activities Satya Raj foundation is doing under Aditya Tripathi.


Being a Non-Governmental Organization they believe to socialize. They have started their campaigns for planting trees and have been part of various social works. In the pandemic they have contributed in a good way, They have distributed masks and food to the people for free. They always believe in making a better and prosperous India. 


Satya Raj Foundation put stock in planting trees so the climate is advanced with greenery accordingly lessening pollution outside. They also have a mission to plant more and more trees for the benefit and welfare of the country. They always encouragepeople to plant trees.  

Child Education 

One of the most essential for every child is education and most importantly to those children who live in slums. So Children belonging toslum areas and also the other poor are unable to get the education and they take an initiative to educate .They wish to disseminate books to such Children and prepare them for future goals.

Stray animals

There are numerous animals who don’t have a home and who are constantly pounded on the streets. Satya Raj’s foundation wishes to provide food and a home to such animals and keep them safe and sound, because like us they are also living things and have the right to live.  

Food Distribution

Satya Raj foundation also has taken another good initiative by providing food to the poor and the needy for free. Many individuals have been starving because of this pandemic and many have lost their friends and family. So they are here to serve food to all those who need it. 

Women Empowerment

They believe that a women should never be looked down and thus we respect women and their decisions. They want to stand for women and help her whenever she is in need.


Satya Raj Foundation has taken initiative in numerous pandemics and outbreaks in India recently. They have helped people by contributing various things which are essential at that time.Mr Aditya Tripathi’s focus is to help people who are in need and makes his country earn respect.