Scotland Based Writer- Producer Jill Korn Collaborates with Creative Podcast for an Audio Drama Set in World War II Period

Jill Korn (Writer Producer) Shares about Herself:

I’m a storyteller based in Scotland, with a love of radio drama, history and folklore. I write and produce radio plays with more than a little help from my friends and I want to be able to pay people for the work they do in bringing my writing to life for your ears to enjoy

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The making of a radio play or audio drama begins in a studio of some kind. There are mics, screens and all manner of technical stuff around which I don’t even begin to understand.

There is a script, which I hope will work as I intended and there are actors who make it work better than I intended.

So far, so good. But the real magic has only worked if the listener is transported to an island seashore, a Parisian brothel or a medieval prison cell.

That’s the job of the producer, my partner in crime. Making a radio play is pure deception, and I love it.

In short About the Story:

Set in 1940s Paris. Following the Liberation of France, the French singer, Edith Piaf, was investigated for charges of collaborating with the Nazi régime during the Occupation.

So, Did Edith Piaf Cheated with her own Country?


This Audio Drama is Releasing in 2 Parts!

Part -1 on 2nd July 2022!

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