Scrumfolks Supremacy in Skyrocketing Social Media.

With its exceptionally skilled team of Social Media Optimizers, Scrumfolks helps brands connect with their customer community. They perennially assist brands in setting social media strategies, executing them day-to-day, and measuring results. They handle social media promotions to create value for brands on digital platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn through paid marketing campaigns and posts. The team’s paramount expertise is in creating videos and teasers along with Social Media Creatives for the engaging promotion of brand business. 


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Strategy Building: 

  • They build social media strategies by profoundly studying the target audience’s demographics. 
  • On the details of the meeting, the creative team brainstorms content that resonates with the potential customers. Then the creation of an effective media marketing strategy takes place. 
  • Different ideas for different platforms are sought by sustained research and adaptation of ongoing trends. 
  • Scrumfolks exponentially encourages awareness within the blogging community. 
  • Once the strategy is launched, they test, measure, and optimize the social media networks. 
  •  continuously. 


  •  Scrumfolks takes into consideration the ongoing social media trends and curates content that is appealing to a multitudinous audience. They foreground minimalism in their design and definitively highlight the brand’s objectives. Not only are they great at capturing attention and storytelling, but they’re also effective in highlighting the unique identity of the brands. 
  •  Catchy captions and innovative data visualizations are areas of expertise of Scrumfolks. They operate with the quote ‘‘True to the nature’’ wherein the design and content created are in complete congruence with the product. They follow the ‘‘believe and execute’’ ideology, allowing them far-reaching eminence. 


  •  The success stories from their clientele serve as a testimonial of their maximal reach to the target audience. They are reaching new heights by implementing client-specific and product/service-specific strategies that meet the requirements of the brands in the most coherent manner. 
  •  The promotions run by Scrumfolks are fast pacing with extensive reach as they carry out performance-based marketing. This allows the brands associated with them to grow vivaciously. Moreover, their highly design-oriented promotions and alluring posts work wonders in attracting potential customers. 



  • The diversity of the clientele substantiates the prosperous dealings of Scrumfolks in the assortment of content. The result-oriented marketing approach has rendered them with superlative lead generations, ultimately booming the reach of the associated brands. 
  • Scrumfolks provides a complete package starting from making a social media marketing strategy to creating content for brand and products, taking care of content distribution and promotion, and lastly, discerning the campaign’s performance. 

“There is no alternative to the magnanimous power of social media marketing in this ultra-paced world. It serves a dual purpose which is not limited to informing product distribution but to informing creativity and connecting stories and ideas as well. We at Scrumfolks strive for this duality and incorporate them in reaching our objectives.”

– Vishven Solanki (Co-Founder, Scrumfolks) 

The brands that ignore social media will die. It’s that simple. – Rushabh Shah (Co-Founder, Scrumfolks)