“Self-Education after School Education” Propagates Mindcoach & NLP Counsellor Jyoti Mehta

In today’s world that promotes modernism and timeless life skills, academic success alone is no longer sufficient to prepare students for the challenges they will face in their personal and professional lives. Recognizing the need for a holistic approach towards life, esteemed mind coach and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) counsellor, Jyoti Mehta, has been tirelessly advocating the idea of self-education after school education. Being an academic achiever herself she strongly believes formal education is not enough to achieve success & harmony in life. She recommends one to invest in learning topics like Emotional intelligence and financial education which is crucial for one’s overall well-being and success.

Jyoti Mehta, mind coach and NLP counsellor has over a decade experience in the field of education where long back, she recognized that the education system need a more holistic approach to personal development. With a background in Science and Masters in Education, a deep passion for empowering individuals embarked her on a mission to combine her knowledge of human behaviour with practical techniques for personal growth. She underwent extensive training in NLP and other therapeutic modalities, acquiring a comprehensive skill set that would enable her to bring about positive change in people’s lives.

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Escalating the need for self-empowerment

According to Jyoti Mehta, traditional education systems often prioritize academic achievements while neglecting the development of essential life skills. She strongly believes that this approach leaves students ill-prepared to navigate the complexities of the real world. She emphasizes that at this point of life, one should again return to education but this time, life skill education for self-empowerment. “In any educational institution, almost all the students are trying to achieve the same grades and the same outputs or the same kind of job. What will make one’s story of success different from others is how empowered one is to take action on what is taught. Schools are all about what to learn and not about how to learn. They educate individuals on what to do but not how to do. Academics is about external empowerment however it is time to work internally once the academic world is over and people completely miss on it.” she explained.

“I come across so many successful individuals who are not using their educational qualifications. They figured out life in all together another manner and they empowered themselves by a different kind of education,” said the alpha female leading and nurturing communities. “This is not known to many but successful people spend a lot of money on their personal growth, it is one of the key mantras of life and people need to be well educated about it. Self-education should be a new normal like people taking names of academies or tuitions centres.” Mind coach Jyoti Mehta continued while sharing her insights on why people need to educate themselves about mental peace and emotional intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence: A Foundation for Success

One area of focus for Jyoti Mehta is emotional intelligence. She asserts that emotions play a significant role in shaping individuals’ behaviour and overall well-being and they were not taught to us. She explains,” We were not taught how mind and body are one system and unprocessed emotions can show up as diseases later in life. The power of mind, thought and emotions are not really talked upon in educational institutions which can aid career growth as well. Any career growth or success lies in self-empowerment only. We are pure emotional beings and we miss on the success train if we are trapped in our self-knit emotional traps.” She empowers individuals with those tools in her trademark course “Ultimate Self Mastery”.

Financial Education: Empowering the next generation

Financial literacy is another key aspect that Jyoti Mehta believes should be an integral part of life skills education. Money mindsets are majorly missing in our schools. Students are trained to find a job in the best company but not to open the best company and give jobs. Growth mindset to achieve goals is hardly taught and practised in educational institutions.

”Concepts like compounding are taught like chapters and not usage in real life. I remember teaching it long back with an introduction that only this concept can make you rich and successful. Why wouldn’t they learn and embrace it.” She added remembering her teaching days.

Jyoti Mehta understands that transforming the education system requires collaborative efforts. The work that is done in schools for life education is drop in the ocean, so here by she said,” I would tell anyone who is suffering from mental & emotional issues, that you are not alone. It is ok as you were not taught to deal with such situations but its time now to invest in self education to navigate through this. “

She completely propagates the idea of self-education after school education. Only investment in self would ensure that one is equipped with the necessary skills to thrive in the real world and be successful.