sendQuick collaborates with AI Chatbot ORAI to accelerate omni channel customer interaction via a Unified Platform

Bangalore, September 30, 2021– sendQuick, a multi award winning omni-channel messaging solutions business, is thrilled to announce its latest integration with ORAI, a conversational AI platform, to help businesses accelerate customer interaction in today’s hybrid business environment.

The pace with which businesses leverage their digital presence today has increased the demand for faster response and multi-channel availability. In the crowded digital space, businesses with the ability to respond promptly through their customers’ preferred chat application is becoming the standard of great customer service. Through sendQuick’s integration with ORAI, companies will be able to achieve intent based, personalized, real-time, two-way communications with its stakeholders in order to gain a competitive advantage for their businesses.

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Personalised real-time messaging

sendQuick and ORAI offers a highly scalable platform that takes communications beyond a first name basis. The open API platform allows businesses to be agile in their interactions with customers by switching easily between different channels, without the additional work that is otherwise required to adapt each campaign to the platform. The solution designed by sendQuick enables businesses to seamlessly scale their communications with fall back redundancy across various channels.

Single API

Businesses can automate their communications through sendQuick’s single API framework that simplifies software deployment and supports the seamless exchange of information. For example, sendQuick-ORAI integration enhances the single API architecture by automatically assessing and validating information obtained via two-way omni-channel communication to qualify leads in real-time. The sendQuick and ORAI alliance is a sophisticated technological solution that facilitates the connection and interaction between businesses and customers by integrating multiple touch points in the customer journey via a single platform. In summary, the solution is devised to help businesses gain customer loyalty and longevity, remain agile as a company, build trust through a customer-centric approach and deliver the most holistic customer experience across multiple channels.

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About TalariaX

TalariaX™ develops and offers enterprise mobile messaging solutions for improving business workflow and productivity. Our range of business mobile messaging solutions is geared towards helping companies to easily deploy messaging solutions for all enterprise applications. They include IT Alerts & Notifications, Secure Remote Access via 2-Factor Authentication, Emergency & Broadcast Messaging, Business Process Automation and System Availability Monitoring.

Our key product, sendQuick, is an enterprise grade messaging gateway, available on appliances, virtual machines and cloud services. sendQuick is used by over 2,500 corporations, including many Fortune Global 500 companies, in 50 countries across various industry verticals.

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About ORAI

ORAI Robotics is a sales, customer engagement and conversational AI platform meant to amplify business performance and customer engagement with new-age digital channels. We help meet your business goals through effective digital transformation. Together with sendQuick, our mission is to pave the way for businesses to nurture relationships and provide positive user experiences.

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