SetMyWed Reviews on Fraudulent Activities Happening in Wedding Industry.

When we started the company SetMyWed, we focused on our services and customer experience. We have been trying that are vendors should be getting the best services from our side doesn’t matter what the time has been ..! however, now we have been facing a few fraudsters trying to take advantage of using the internet that affects SetMyWed reviews and trying to do married it. 

Things people should take care of – 

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We always try to protect our vendors and clients from getting escaped from any fraud so that we can focus on our objective to serve them and to maintain favorable ratings of setmywed.

 But still, people are supposed to focus on a few below things – 

1. Don’t pay anyone without proper information – 

One is supposed to get each and every detail of the payment and its purpose. Only then should the payment be made.

 2. Never share your personal information –

 Don’t share any financial or personal details like OTP, CVV, or any type of password with anyone that can lead to any kind of harm. 

3. Cross Verification – Verify all the details and check them at least twice. Then only the payment is done. 

4. what to do if anyone claims to be part of SetMyWed –

 Ask for the confirmation mail. Check the mail id if it’s official or personal. We expect you to help us in keeping the setmywed reviews positive. 

Still, if you find anyone or anyone’s activity unusual, kindly share that with us, and we assure you everything keeps going smoothly.

 Kindly notify that we never promote any agency or any broker. If you face any problem anytime, kindly connect with us as soon as possible still if you find such a thing, report that as soon as possible. 

On other sites, be aware of a few things-

 When someone is offering anything at too fewer prices, then confirm the same thing with setmywed officials whether it is true or not. After confirmation, only take any action. Beware that the proposed information is similar to the company’s official information. For us, each and every vendor is similar, and we do not offer any special treatment to anyone, so be aware if anyone is treating you too special and behaves unusually and trying to gain personal information of yours, kindly verify at least twice. 

Kindly be aware that we do not ask for any financial information, debit card, or credit card as a security deposit, so be aware of such activities and be safe.

 Kindly verify that the contact number and other information belong to setmywed officials only. Kindly notice that set my wed does not endorse any broker or any agency that claims to be part of setting my wed. We directly deal with each and every vendor, even end customers, so do not associate with any agency or any brokers that claim to be a part of setting my wed. If you come to know about such an agency or any broker, kindly let us know.  Website: