Shaik Hazrun – A multifaceted Commercial Pilot beaming high with her boldness

Commercial Pilot Shaik Hazrun, the Sensational Indian Bikini Model is all geared up to steal everybody’s heart with her aesthetic beach body and tempting looks.

[Delhi, 19 September 2021] A commercial pilot with an undergraduate degree in Aircraft maintenance Engineering turned into an Indian Bikini icon. The young model is renowned for her perfect figure and over the top fitness routine. Her workout philosophy combines yoga, strength training, and cardio to create a routine focused on overall health and mobility. Not only is she a bikini icon but also a powerhouse athlete who constantly inspires and motivates women to push themselves beyond their perceived limits. Shaik promotes body positivity all across the country India where women’s health is not taken much seriously.

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Her alluring expressions and appealing physique can bring out the life in any photograph. The camera loves her, any picture that features her screams desirability. Her job as a model doesn’t end at just looking ravishing and she is well aware of the professional game of modelling. The model knows her best angles and how she can make a photo look more about the brand for which she is campaigning and less about herself. Her fashion sense is truly praiseworthy, her outfits always stand out in the crowd which makes her a great candidate for many upcoming music videos and modelling shoots. Her glamour quotient is undoubtedly excellent and her charming smile makes the audience lend their hearts to this beautiful girl.

Her soft skills make her the best colleague you can ever desire for her. She is soft-spoken with a commendable work ethic. She is adaptable to any situation and knows how to solve issues without creating a big deal out of it. Shaik loves to make connections in the workspace which makes her very loved across the industry. The immense knowledge she acquires about modelling, fitness and aircraft maintenance shows her focus and dedication to her career.

Her date achievements are listed below:

• Awarded with Indian Youngster Pilot Award

• Announced as Indian Bikini Model

Shows wherein the model is featured:

• International health fitness festival (huff) bikini model, Mumbai, 2018

• Jeff Seid Classic Bikini Diva, Mumbai, 2019

• Aesthetic Body, Delhi,2019

• Beach Body, Mumbai, 2020

In the very early stages of her career, the model is blessed with several awards such as the Indian Youngster Pilot Award, Indian Bikini Model Award. She has also featured in various shows that are the international health fitness festival (huff) bikini model, Mumbai, 2018 and Jeff Seid Classic Bikini Diva, Mumbai, 2019. She was crowned as the Aesthetic Body, Delhi,2019 and Beach Body, Mumbai, 2020.

The model cum pilot is blessed with brown hair that compliments her brown eyes and fair skin. She has a perfect height of 5’5 with a 50 kg weight. Her vitals 36-20-36 are something to die for. Shaik was born in Madanapalle, a small place in the  Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh. Her schooling was completed in New Vidyarthi High School, Ramro Colony Madanapalle AP where she emerged as a top ranker. After that, she finished secondary school in Bangalore.  Shaik graduated in Aircraft maintenance engineering from VSM aerospace engineering college, currently, she is pursuing a commercial pilot license (CPL) at Bombay Flying Club (Mumbai). The youngster enjoys dancing and playing sports in her leisure time. She is an inspiration for many young girls in India who are not familiar with fitness and modelling as a career path.

She is a trendsetter; her features will help the show, music video or the brand to expand its reach. The young aspirant is yet to be seen in many other prominent fashion shoots, ramp shows and music videos.