ShuttleSky is Making DDA Flat’s Lift Installation & NOC Clearance Easy & Convenient.

If you live in DDA (Delhi Development Authority) flats, you will be aware that their low rise and old constructions do not include lifts. The DDA, being one of the giant land development agencies, has catered to Delhi’s housing needs for a long time. For senior citizens, patients, guests, guardians and, transporting goods to different floors lift is a necessity so, as per the DDA’s policy, the flat owners with mutual consent as well as approval from the local regulatory bodies (MCD since DDA has given handover and takeover in this regard to MCD) can go for installation of lift later on. 

ShuttleSky Lifts and Structures is a Delhi/NCR based firm that deals in installing premium quality lifts in DDA flats and owns a team that assists in obtaining NOC for the same. ShuttleSky Lifts and Structures founder Naveen Mann says, “most of the time people face the issue of agreement of 50% flat owners (excluding ground floor) because it is difficult to bring every individual’s consent on the same table. Sometimes when a single aged person has no other person that agrees to proceed for lift either as a paying participant or as a non-paying participant, in that case, we, with the help of our legal cell, go ahead and get that NOC done directly from the court.” He adds further “we could have kept ourselves away from all the paperwork process. Still, we are involved for the greater good. We go the extra mile from our scope of work to get the NOC for senior citizens residing in DDA/CGHS flats. It is one of our contributions in making people’s lives better and easier.” Under the norms and guidelines of DDA, all the process gets done by ShuttleSky Lifts and Structures from beginning to end to avoid any confusion in legal, approved documents. 

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In some cases, individuals agree to lift installation as non-paying participants. In some cases, as paying participants, the whole communication can sometimes be hectic; therefore, inhabitants require a reliable agency/firm to handle the process of agreement and filing the NOC. DDA policy directly states that excluding the permission of ground floor owners, one needs a 50% vote in favour of lift installation, then only process for the same can be pushed ahead. There are a lot of differences among individuals; every person comes with different concerns, so it becomes a hustle to gain their mutual consent at the same time. The loop of lengthy communication, unresolved differences among flat owners of the block or building can create misunderstandings that can eventually delay or fail the process of a lift installation. This is where the role of ShuttleSky Lifts and Structures like firm comes, which offers to deal with the excellence in lift installation and initiates to grab the NOC of dwellers. “ShuttleSky is doing a commendable job in this sector,” says Sh. Rajpal Singh, Chairman – Central Zone, MCD 

The priority of utmost safety and top-notch quality of parts used in the whole lift system ShuttleSky Lifts and Structures assures glitch-free construction.

One of the plus points of ShuttleSky Lifts and Structures is their legal cell is equipped to deal with the lift & NOC associated disputes or disagreements directly from the court. In this fast-paced, moving society and dramatically changing lifestyle, no one has that much time to volunteer for the NOC process and bring 50% of people on the same page of mutual agreement. ShuttleSky Lifts and Structures understands this all and takes all the responsibility to finish the lift installation procedure. From paperwork to the final operation of the lift, their team cooperates and coordinates responsibly, making them a more significant player in the growing elevator industry. “ ShuttleSky has a committed and hard-working team. They have made an almost impossible looking project a seamless and smooth experience. They tackled all the hurdles at their level. I wish them all the best for future, will surely recommend them”- Col. Bodhraj, Resident- Greater Kailash.

ShuttleSky Lifts and Structures provides elevator services for hospitals, corporate buildings & homes apart from DDA flats. You can visit their website for more insight and contact their incredible team regarding lift installation, clearance of NOC or any other queries in the context of DDA/CGHS flats.