Sky Wire Broadcast Collaborates with Kiloview all set to Launch 4G Bonding Video Encoder in India

In the year 2012, Sky Wire broadcast was founded by Avnish Singh, the company is a leading importer of wide range Audio- Video and Broadcast equipment and a well-established in the TV Broadcast, Live Streaming and Online Teaching Solution industry. The company was started with the mission to provide quality Broadcasting services and System Integration consultancy services to various industries such as TV Stations and Educational Institutions like TV Schools, Universities and Colleges. 

Sky Wire Broadcast is known for providing merit services and expertise in Online Teaching Solution, Live Streaming Solution, TV Channel Setup, News Channel Setup and consultancy of News Agency Registration, TV Channel License Registration in India and many other services at affordable prices, more services and price details can be browsed on their website. The company has built a huge customer base across globe and since 2012 they are breaking the technical and price barrier so that the service is accessible to a wide audience. Sky Wire Broadcast has served various regional broadcasters, national and international broadcaster and still continue to satisfy their customers with their excellent customer service.

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As they continue to provide world classes services, Now Sky Wire Broadcast is upgrading their level by launching 4G Bonding Video Encoder in association with Kiloview in India to provide high quality level streaming online on social media platforms. Kiloview Electronics Co. Ltd.  is a leading manufacturer of live hardware video products and live streaming equipment and solutions such as Video Encoder, NDI Converter, Video Converter etc. The company provides end-to-end video encoding, decoding, converting, IP broadcaster switcher, streaming media services that meet the needs of consumers. Kiloview serves various individuals and industries like Education and Healthcare, Security and Monitoring, Entrainment Events, Corporate Marketing, Game players, Live streamers etc.

Sky Wire Broadcast with Kiloview is all set to launch 4G Bonding Video Encoder to that will make Live Streaming and Newsgathering easier in India. The Video Encoder is from the Kiloview P series, the video encoder is premium high-end encoding device that is specially designed for mobile application usage. The device works with the KiloLink; Kiloview’s patented algorithm to solve the problem of poor connectivity. It adopts KiloLink and strengthens your connectivity and perfectly suits your demands, be it outdoor live streaming and transmission scenarios such as live events, concerts, sports, field broadcast, emergency spots etc. It has got your back anywhere and everywhere.

As both the tycoons have collaborated it will bring revolutionise the industry. Sky Wire Broadcast, the leading importer of a wide range Audio-Visual & Broadcast equipment and Kiloview, the leading Solution Provider of IP Based Video Transmission.

The Kiloview P series 4G Bonding Video Encoder comes with in-built features like,

  • Ultra-low end-to-end latency (<1s)
  • It supports voice intercom with Kiloview KIS,
  • It also allows high quality remote program for group interactions
  • Supporting of SDI& HDMI P1 supports SDI input, while P2 supports HDMI input.

As the Sky Wire Broadcast expands with its specialisation in TV Broadcast Solution, Online Teaching Solutions, Live Streaming Device, TV Channel Setup, News Channel Setup and etc. With day-to-day update of the technology, Sky Wire Broadcast studies the and gives you highly researched. The company also provides services like live coverages, content distribution, satellite capacity and strategic advisory to the clients at nominal rates.

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