Small town boy makes it BIG – The story of Sarfaraz Shamsher Ali Shaik

Many boys of his age can only dream to reach his stature. Meet Sarfaraz Shamsher ali shaikh, his beloved fans call him Sarfu. Sarfu is a fashion influencer currently studying in his 12th grade and he is from this little town called Worli Jijamata Nager – 400018 . Sarfu now continues to study alongside being a fashion icon in his community and has stolen hearts of many people across India. Let’s learn his story.

Sarfu was just a regular boy from his town, when the tiktok craze took over India, he didn’t hold back, he was quick to create an account and started posting content. He would post videos of different styles and the people from his town would foul mouth him and make fun of him eventually even his own family looked down on him. They were conventional and were worried for his future and advised him against this path and asked him to stop immediately but something in Sarfu kept him going.

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He made lots of videos on tiktok and with the ban of tiktok all his dreams were also washed away. He gave into the thought that maybe his friends and family were right. However, he was determined to finish what he had started and found another way around this obstacle. He found another platform MOJ and started posting his content on there. People from his town continued to speak ill but now even people on the platform made fun of him and his content. At such a young age to get such amounts of hate and criticism is too much and we were curious as to how he handled it to which all he had to say is, “Of course yes their words did hurt me. But, a positive approach is what has kept me going” He channeled their negativity into critique and gradually made changes and got better with his content. When there was nothing left to make fun of, they bullied him about his clothing and style, they said obscene things and said that he was not from a good household and it would be better to keep him at bay. The people did not stop at even complaining against the boy to his father but Sarfu was adamant for his dream and kept on. He even took that critique as a goal and did a whole makeover. Piece by piece he learned to find his own style and is now one of the most dashing boys you can find.

He continued making content and started collabing with other creators which led to networking but most importantly the magnitude of sharing his videos. His fan base is his strength, they shared his videos and his following grew by the day. He kept righting his wrongs and he diligently kept posting. He slowly started gaining traction on Instagram as well, it has now grown up to a base of 11K followers. This slowly attracted brand deals and business opportunities. One by one the people around him turned a positive mind to his indomitable spirit, his family that was embarrassed of him once are now proud of him, he sees eye to eye with his elder brother and has once again earned their love, support and respect back.

The people who ridiculed him at first, respected him now. But he doesn’t let that get to his head he has continued on his journey since he understood that “Logg kuch bhi kehenge, loggo ka kaam h kehna” (People will keep talking, it is their job to do so) Now he has a following upto 2 lac on MOJ, Sarfu adds, “I almost can’t believe it. It all seems unreal, it feels nice to hear compliments now and genuine support makes me feel somewhat of a celebrity, it’s an exhilarating feeling to cherish!”

Sarfu was just another run of the mill boys in his town. What made him different was his ability and rigor to stand out and have a positive mindset. The people who spoke ill of him behind his back, now try to praise him and shake hands, the people who refused to be his friends, now try to talk to him, it’s all a matter of time and perseverance. Sarfu promises to give back to his family of followers with more creative and unique content, all that he wants in return is your love and support.

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