Solodraft, an Incubator and Accelerator Program for startups and creators, launched by Solodan Dan

Solodan Dan, a tech entrepreneur, music producer, music artist, author, writer & software developer, has launched an incubator & accelerator program (Solodraft) to help startups launch and scale faster – for both new emerging startups and existing startups looking to scale. 

The platform will also help creators, entertainers & influencers with the promotion and distribution of their content.

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Influencer marketers & social media marketers can also benefit from the accelerator program.

Programmers & founders looking to easily launch, scale, get advice, get virtual credits & real funds will benefit greatly from this program.

First Cohort is expected to start from Jan 1st. Application into the program will open on 12 December 2021 and close on 27th December. 

Winners in different categories will be rewarded with Promotions, Distribution, Cloud Credits and real Cash. Interested applicants can submit applications on the website starting from December 12th. 

Solodraft is an accelerator and incubator program for entrepreneurs, startups, creators, entertainers, marketers, bloggers, dropshippers, etc. It’s a simplified platform that helps creators, entertainers, influencers, marketers, programmers & founders to easily launch, scale, get advice, get virtual & real funds.

Authors will be able to publish their books on Amazon KDP for free using Solodraft. It will help authors and book publishers wishing to publish on Amazon KDP at no extra cost.

Music artists will be able to distribute their music to major music distribution platforms with Solodraft. Music Distribution Services will make it easier for artists to sell or distribute their music on major music platforms such as Tidal, Amazon Music, Pandora, Shazam, Apple Music and Spotify. – while Music Promotion Services will help music artists with promotions and marketing. 

 Programmers will get training on coding, web and app development, free cloud credits and perks from Amazon, Google, Twilio, DigitalOcean, FB, Microsoft, GitHub, Segment, Twilio, etc. Other added perks and advice to help startups launch & scale faster will be offered. 

Free blogs, e-commerce websites, and personal websites will be developed for marketers, bloggers, and dropshippers in the cohort training. Solodraft is a platform for entrepreneurs, startups, creators & entertainers without any middlemen. 

Music artists taking part in the cohort will get access to free music distribution, promotion, OAC, etc.  

Solodraft provides a Business website, a free domain with business email accounts, a logo, hosting & maintenance, Google My Business official listing, marketing and advertising solutions to small businesses and startups.  

Solodraft also has Idea Hub for those who have only an idea. People have ideas but no money to implement the idea, and sometimes the money they need is for little things like servers, hosting, software design, etc. These things can be accessed free with free cloud credits from tech giants like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, others. With Solodraft Idea Hub, we help connect users to the best opportunity to achieve the desired goal at no extra cost. Whether it’s just an idea, a startup or an existing business, there’s something for all entrepreneurs.  

Solodraft has something specifically for small businesses, established businesses, entertainers, creators, influencers, marketers, young entrepreneurs. It’s an all in one accelerator and incubator program that caters for the needs of everyone looking to grow or scale. It acts as a bridge connecting different parties to the right opportunity.  

For more information, please visit or send an email to