Soma shivangi crowned as globe Asia queen 2022.

Soma Shivangi crowned as Globe Asia Queen 2022. she is 24 year-old shares that she fought hard to overcome her low esteem. Now, She is all geared up to face life with challenges
Having achieved fame soma says she feels accomplished and confident Hard Work, Perseverance and strong determination is what we need in order to achieve success in any field”

Speaking of the immediate challenges soma says pageant requires immense training and a persistent attitude which at a time difficult to maintain i have been stem on performing well and keeping myself ready

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Being financially independent does not entail knowing complex finance concepts. Any woman can become independent Whether it is
sports, entertainment, or the corporate world,
women have proved their mettle and succeeded everywhere. she is working as digital marketer team leader in her profession throughout being a part of her professional Apart from her usual corporate work life she is a public speaker, influencer, model she has worked in many events in her intial career From rising the corporate ladder, to setting up the ramp on fire… She has done it all
I have never let my professional life hampered i managed my professional life and my passion soma says she is an ambitious and hardworking person and also spends her time with herself. Having time for yourself is critical for growth and personal development.