In recent years, India has seen a surge in the popularity of young leaders in politics. This trend has been fuelled by a combination of factors, including the growing need for fresh ideas in political discourse, the changing aspirations of young people, and the need for fresh perspectives in Indian politics.

A youth leader from the Malabar Hill Assembly constituency, Kishor Dungarmal Parihaar has made an impact in his region, with people considering him as a changemaker. Having held the position of the Working President of South Mumbai Nationalist Congress Committee, the state unit of NCP, Kishor Parihaar has had a diverse career so far. He is well-versed in the politics of the state, its political system, and the contemporary political environment.

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An entrepreneur by profession, Kishor is the Director of Niiv Infra Vell Pvt.Ltd, an import-export company. He indulges in social work to make a change in the lives of the poor and to connect with the masses at the ground level. He has been credited with improving Mumbai South’s infrastructure and helping reduce crime in the area.

Kishor has also been praised for his work in helping rehabilitate slum areas.According to him, giving the poor and disadvantaged the chance to better their situation on their own would boost their self-esteem and assist them in getting past the obstacles they encounter every day. People have rallied around this youth icon and pushing him for becoming and MLA.

He is a young politician and community leader who is making a significant impact in his community through his work in both politics and social activism. As a dynamic and passionate leader, Kishor Parihaar has dedicated herself to improving the lives of those around him and advocating for positive change.

Kishor’s journey into politics and social work began during his college years, where he was inspired to become more involved in his community and make a difference in the lives of others. He volunteered with various organizations, working on initiatives such as voter registration drives, food drives, and environmental conservation projects.

He was a go-to person in his college, with students from all aspects approaching him for some problem or the other. A kind hearted personality and someone who strives to bring a change. Kishor helped everybody to his fullest capabilities.

Apart from K.P.B Hinduja College from where he studied, students from other colleges respected him too and started bringing their problems to him. His interest in and support for the students made him the president of all the colleges in South Mumbai. He used to deal with problems like difficulty in admission, late fee submissions, ragging, inappropriate treatment by college authorities and so on.

Meanwhile, through the college, he was appointed the Working President of South Mumbai Nationalist Congress Committee, the state unit of NCP, on the 11th of July, 2020. Member of Parliament Supriya Sule helped Kishor in all of this and she encouraged Kishor Parihaar with every step.

After graduation, Kishor decided to pursue his passion for social activism by running for public office. He was elected as the state President in only his twenties, becoming the youngest person ever to hold the position in his region. Since then, he has become known as a dynamic and effective leader, working tirelessly to improve the lives of his constituents.

Kishor Parihaar’s work in politics is driven by his commitment to social justice and equity. He has been a vocal advocate for affordable housing, public transportation, and access to healthcare, among other issues. He has also worked to increase community engagement, hosting community meetings and events to gather input from her constituents.He is aware of the political landscape, contributes fresh perspectives and shrewdness to political campaigns, regularly assesses their efficacy, and considers their public relations components. Kishor, a strategist, uses analytics and real-time dashboards to track the effectiveness of every political campaign.

In addition to his political work, Kishor is also deeply involved in social activism. He has organized and led several protests and rallies in support of various causes, including racial justice, climate change, and immigrant rights. He has also volunteered with several organizations focused on community development, including mentoring programs for young people and initiatives to combat poverty and homelessness.

One of Kishor’s most significant contributions to his community has been his work on environmental issues. He has been a vocal advocate for clean energy and sustainable development, and has worked to increase awareness of the impacts of climate change on his community. Through his efforts, he has helped to raise funds for local environmental initiatives and increase public support for sustainability efforts. During the pandemic, he had launched a South Mumbai coronavirus task force, which included free home delivery of essential goods, emergency medical assistance and mobile COVID-19 testing kits.

Kishor Parihaar’s dedication to improving his community through both political and social activism has made him a respected and influential leader in his region. His leadership style and commitment to social justice have inspired many young people to become more engaged in politics and social activism.

As aprominent youth leader, Kishor is a great motivator. He not only has powerful speaking abilities but most importantly understands where the other is coming from. He creates a safe space and invite others to have a friendly conversation which is respectful and nonjudgmental. He responds with empathy, is an active listener and has a genuine interest and stake in the growth of a young person and this authentic engagement is the secret to his success!

Kishor Parihaarorganizes various political events, rallies, and campaigns for his party. He works with the party’s leadership to ensure that events run smoothly and that party leaders’ messages are delivered effectively. He works towards increasing the party’s membership base by implementing membership drives and other outreach programs. He identifies potential members and works with local leaders to ensure the membership drive is a success.

Being a revered youth leader, Kishoris a well-known public figure across the country and he uses his popularity for indulging in social work in order to bring a change inthe lives of the poor. He has put in loads of hard work towards their socio-economic upliftment.Due to his immense credibility and popularity, Kishorhas garnered 11.6K followers on his Instagram platform.

In conclusion, Kishor Parihaar is a dynamic and effective youth leader and politician who has made significant contributions to his community through his work in both politics and social activism. His commitment to social justice and equity, combined with his passion for community development and sustainability, has made him a powerful force for positive change. As he continues to work towards a better future for her community, Kishor is an inspiration to young people everywhere who want to make a difference in the world.