Sqing Solution by Sonu Raja has launched a virtual hangout app “Waka Voice”

Sqing has created an app called Waka Voice for virtual hangouts. The app would allow users to meet new people and increase their network online. Through Waka’s voice, users can showcase their talent and be visible to the world.

Finally, Sqing has developed the Waka Voice, a virtual hangout software. Users of the new software would be able to expand their online networks and meet new individuals. Users can demonstrate their skills and make themselves known to the world by using Waka’s voice. Waka voice aspires to establish itself as the network that supports voice rooms and offers unique and cool presents.

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The concept for the Waka voice was originally developed by Sonu Raju. Sonu Raju was raised in a middle-class home with two brothers and parents in Kothamangalam. He graduated from Bangalore’s CMR University with a diploma. Sonu Raju founded Sqing Solutions Private Limited in the year 2021. In just one year, the company has accomplished every single milestone there is.

It offers several interesting features to all its users, including the ability to make groups and invite friends. Users can also upgrade their profiles to VIP profiles where features like VIP tags, unique nicknames, and limited emojis are available.

Sqing offers several SaaS solutions and has headquarters in Kerala. Serving clients from various nations, it is a prominent player in India’s foreign commercial sector. They provide support for numerous communities all over India, mobile application operations across the country in several regional vernacular languages, and re-seller programs for business growth all over the nation.