Start chasing your dreams. “If I can do it, then you can also do make it” is the story of a 22-year-old boy.

Image source : Instagram Vibes of Krish
Image source: Instagram Vibes of Krish

Nas Suresh Krishna is Chennai based entrepreneur who started his first startup h. We asked him how he started his company without any money and making money out of nothing but his skills and knowledge. Slowly we began to interact with him, and he shared a few things about his journey.

How did you start your company?

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He said WolfersTech was not started in a well-planned way. Still, it didn’t happen in a night. He said, “I had dreamed of starting a business and running it, but I didn’t feel comfortable with it on those days because I was undergoing some personal stuff. My own friends backstabbed me because I was not enough for doing things. Those incidents pushed me towards loneliness, and yeah, at the moment, NAS Suresh Krishna turned to “Lone wolf.” Later days passed, I didn’t even had my personal computer or laptop. I used to borrow from a good friend, surf the internet, complete a few programming and digital marketing courses, and get certified on those things. One day in the early morning, I started to design a logo for WolfersTech and its website. In fact, while I began to design logo, I didn’t even had a proper name for the company. I chose Wolf from Lone wolf and added ‘ers’ for plural form, so it turns ‘Wolfers’ and just included ‘tech’ So it’s how WolfersTech started.”

Do you really think everyone can start a startup?

Well yes, everyone can be what ever they want to be but thing is we have to do it. If we wish something to happen, it never happens, so give a try to it.

What do you think about the Indian education system vs entrepreneurs do you think it creates opportunities for people to become entrepreneurs?

Actually entrepreneurship is not a role nor title it’s a mindset. In Indian education we don’t allowed to fail if we didn’t we don’t learn and things are getting changed and many people started to chase their dreams.

What would you say to people who have a passion and still waiting for opportunities?

I as mentioned early, if you want your dreams to come into reality go get it and opportunities won’t come to you. You have to create it. Ask a question to yourself. Are you interested in your goals or are you committed to your goals? If you are interested in goals, you will find a reasons when you fail. But, when you are committed to your goals you will find a way to accomplish it.

What would be your advice to young Founders?

Firstly I don’t call it as advise but kind of knowledge sharing. I say, you should form a good team and treat them in well manners. Because My team taught me many things. In specific, I learnt the HR skills from my team mate Swarna, marketing skills from Ram, patience from Ajith, technical things from Swetha and Nithesh. So, having a good team will make things easier because Teamwork always makes your dreams to work.

We saw your your social media posts and WolfersTech LinkedIn page. It focuses on two things one technology and another one is leadership shall we know why you guys exaggerating leadership?

Leadership is important to every company, not only for companies but also for individual humans. I learnt these things in life from other people who mishandled me. I started to follow leadership and I say if someone treats you wrong, treat them in the right way so they can learn from you. Moreover, a good leader creates another leader and provides equal opportunity for the Team and grows together.

What’s vision you have for your company?

WolfersTech has vision of making AI for everyone in pocket friendly cost and we also have a dream to build other people companies and make life easier and better.

We know Suresh you are also involved in other stuffs apart from WolfersTech. Can you share that with us?

Well, yes I use to write poetry, quotes, later it turned to books. Till now, I have published three books. I use to write but I had no clue until my friend Pavithra gave an idea of publishing a book. I tried and published it in zero cost since it’s a ebook.

 As an entrepreneur, what matters a lot to you?

I believe in one thing as an entrepreneur and I stick to it. One entrepreneur should create another entrepreneur and build a better society for all people. Moreover, live the moment and experience life as you explore new things. This is how the conversation ended with Nas Suresh Krishna and we wish the team all the best for upcoming events in their company.

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