Strengthening roots where it is needed the most- learn from this organisation to empower the ones in need

The Akhil Bharatiya Adarsh Chaurasia Mahasabha is an esteemed organization that works for the collective welfare of people from underprivileged sections of society. Mr. Ramesh Chaurasia is the president of this social welfare organization. He is dedicated towards the upliftment of all segments of society that need help or upliftment. The organization works on various fronts including education, health care, employment, career counselling, skill development and women empowerment.

We talked to Mr. Ramesh Chaurasia about his vision for the upliftment of underprivileged communities. He said, “It is unfortunate that millions of people in our country are struggling to live their lives with comfort and dignity. This is mainly due to poverty caused due to lack of education and opportunities. It is the goal of our organization to help people from all sections of society so that they can fulfil their dreams and reach the heights that they deserve to reach. There are many times when circumstances in our lives don’t allow us to do what we wish to do. This applies to thousands of children, young students and adults across India who have dreams but no means to fulfil them. We provide them various platforms to grow and make progress to make sure that they are able to live as respectable and contributing members of society.”

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The Akhil Bharatiya Adarsh Chaurasia Mahasabha and their entire team are deeply invested in creating opportunities in the field of education. They organize various seminars and educational camps where experts from different fields are invited so that children can have exposure to various developments in the world of science and technology. This enables the children to become confident adults as constant interaction with other students gives them perspective. Scholarships are also provided to meritorious students so that they can continue education. Special attention is paid to ensure that the number of kids that drop out of school is reduced each year. The children belonging to families that live below the poverty line are prone to quitting school in order to earn money. It is ensured that more children are able to get the basic education which is their right. Apart from education, we also focus on skill development which is equally important in order to succeed in life.

Health Care

Special health care awareness camps are organized by the team where health specialists from different fields are brought to even the remotest villages. This is done in order to spread health awareness which is severely lacking in many sections of society. There are a lot of misconceptions especially among women when it comes to health and well-being. It is ensured that women are educated so that they don’t ignore their health and are able to live fulfilling and healthy lives.


The organization extensively works with farmers because most of the people living in villages are farmers. Farmers are the ones who work the hardest and are not rewarded for their labour. This is why the coming generation is not interested in farming as an occupation. The team of the Mahasabha organizes seminars where top botanists and scientists are invited so that farmers can be made aware of the latest farming methods and technology. One such example comes from the Chaurasia community which has been engaged in betel vine farming since ancient times. Due to the efforts of the farmers and the team of the Mahasabha, they have been able to multiply their income by increasing the quality of their produce. They are using modern agriculture methods like multi layered farming and using drip irrigation to practice sustainable farming. Farmers are educated about loans and government schemes so that they don’t suffer due to lack of awareness. Mr. Ramesh Lakhulal Chaurasia shared his thoughts about their work and how it has changed lives so far. He said, “We have been working for the welfare of the most vulnerable sections of society. The women, children and the elderly are the most affected because they are often the most helpless. We are trying to create strong communities and build cohesiveness among people so that they can support each other and grow as one unit. I am proud of the efforts that my team and other leaders have made in order to help people come out of the darkness and overcome their problems. If all of us decides to help just one person at a time, the whole world will change.”