Striking a Balance Between Career and Creativity: The Achievements of Meenakshi Pange

Meenakshi Pange is a Mumbai-born and raised engineer, an MBA in finance by education, a banking and IT professional with 17+ years of corporate experience, and a proud mother of a 12-year-old son, Pranay Pange. However, her passion for music, dance, modelling, and writing has taken her on an extraordinary journey of achievements and recognitions in the world of art.

Meenakshi Pange’s childhood and family background are essential in understanding her journey to become an accomplished artist. Her father, Durgesh Dubey, was a government official in the telecom sector, and her mother, Sunita Dubey, was a homemaker. Growing up in Mumbai, Meenakshi was exposed to the diverse cultures and traditions of India. However, her inclination towards music and art was apparent since childhood. Her family encouraged her to pursue her interests and explore her creative side.

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Meenakshi’s corporate career started after completing her engineering and MBA in finance. She worked as a banking and IT professional for 17+ years, where she excelled in her role. Despite her demanding job, Meenakshi never lost her passion for music, dance, and modelling. She pursued her interests alongside her corporate career and continued to grow as an artist.

Meenakshi Pange’s artistic journey is a testament to her determination and hard work. She is a certified Gandharva Indian classical singer, pursuing Visharadh, which has proven that age can never be a barrier to achieving any milestones in life. Her voice is her identity, and she takes immense pride in her talent. She is also a passionate singer, lyricist, music composer, dancer, and model.

Meenakshi Pange’s achievements in the world of art are remarkable. She has won several titles, including the Mrs India Pride of Nation Elegance 2021, 1st Runner-up in the SWAG INDIA OF INDIA International Talent Hunt Show 2021, the title holder of Mrs India Brainy Beauty The Rising Star 2021, and Most Influential Person awards in Rabiaz Walk for a Cause 2021. Her debut song, You Never Know, won her the Debut Singer Award for the Panache Runway GMA achievers award show 2022.

In recent years, Meenakshi has performed two live singing shows for cultural programs in the memory of Lata Mangeshkar in Patkar College, Vile Parle, and another during the Exhibition of Talent Connect Zibika group in Royal Challenge Hall Goregaon. She was also interviewed by Delhi News Express for winning the title in Mrs India 2021 and was featured in top news articles.

Meenakshi Pange was invited and felicitated as a Special Guest at the ‘I am the Women of the Year’ 2022 awards show by Network Rainbow Media team, which was a grand event held in Constitution Club Of India, Delhi. She released two songs in March 2022, as a singer ‘You Never Know’ by Filmkarkhana Productions, which was a great success, and for Inanna Productions, she worked on the song as a lyricist/composer ‘Banungi Main Ms Inanna’ for their title song on the pageant show. She was also invited as a jury in Inanna Productions’ event ‘Mrs Maharashtra Jewel of Maharashtra’, which was a grand success.

As part of modelling, Meenakshi has been featured by SparklBySaima, Saima Abbassi, a Guinness Book of World Record Holder in her shoot, and by Antrang jewelleries, Divya Dhule

Meenakshi’s achievements are not limited to music and modeling. She was invited to be a guest speaker at Thakur College of Science and Commerce, Mumbai, for their Diversity program. She was also part of an advertisement for the Uttarakhand COVID awareness campaign, emphasizing the importance of safety during the pandemic.

Meenakshi’s achievements and upcoming projects are a testament to her perseverance and commitment to her craft. She has proved time and again that nothing can stop her from achieving her goals, be it age or other societal barriers. Her talents and achievements serve as an inspiration to many, and she continues to blaze a trail for women everywhere.